What Sort of Flowers Do I Send On Valentine’s Day?

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If you really want to impress someone this Valentine’s Day the best way to do this is with flowers. Flowers can speak volumes about how you feel for someone so getting it right is an absolute must.  You can wrap up a lot of sentiment in a bouquet but how you do it is the key. So which flowers are best on Valentine’s Day? 


  • Roses are the ultimate in luxury and symbol of love. When someone sends red roses it says ‘I Love You’. The most expensive of the Valentines flowers that are traditionally sent are deep red, velvety and the number of roses you send can also contain meaning. A single red rose or a dozen, it is up to you what you want to say; a dozen red roses is a traditional arrangement to send on Valentine’s Day but some choose a more personalised route by sending a rose for every year they have been with their Valentine.
  • Tulips are a favourite with those who prefer an alternative to roses. These contemporary stems offer cleaner lines and a bunch of deep red tulips says ‘I love you and I know you’. The Victorians first used them  as a symbol of love and they are still seen as a token gesture of this on Valentine’s Day.
  • Daisies can’t help but make a person smile; the friendly warmth of a gerbera will without a doubt make someone happy. Daisies can be added to a bouquet of roses to soften the look and they evoke a sense of fun and will brighten up anyone’s day whether they are incorporated into a bouquet or on their own.
  • Carnations are quite impressive en masse. A bouquet of these unique flowers is also a favourite to send a loved one, particularly if you are in the early stages of a relationship. Carnations also have staying power and can last over two weeks once cut. They are ideal if you are on a tight budget as a bold bouquet of carnations can look just as dramatic and sensual as a rose.
  •  Lilies are a beautiful flower to look at and its heady scent make these flowers a two in one gift. The Stargazer lilies with their open blooms look incredible when grouped together or in a mixed bouquet. Calla lilies offer a more sophisticated look and offer an elegance that you may wish to associate with someone.

Of course you could break with tradition and send the flowers that you know are loved best; flowers can also be used to reflect a personality and perhaps someone you know is really into bright colours? If so try a tropical look with birds of paradise, mixed with dazzling flowers to create an exotic feel.

Using Valentine’s Day flowers to recreate a special time are just as romantic as receiving a dozen roses. It also shows that you’ve put some thought into it, for example sending flowers that are a reminder of a special place you may have visited on holiday and are native to that country or flowers that were used in a wedding bouquet. Perhaps you may want to recreate the excitement of your first date with your partner by gifting flowers from the first ever bouquet you gave them?

The flowers you choose will say exactly what you’re thinking – everything else can be said on the message card… but do you let your Valentine know your name or keep it a mystery?

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