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Valentine’s day is one every lover looks forward to. As controversial as the day is, you want to have sweet memories of it, whether you live far away from your partner or not. In spite of that, did you know that you can make Valentine’s Day celebration unforgettable with flowers?

Flowers have a language of their own, and they can help you communicate your Valentine’s Day wishes and messages perfectly when you pick the right ones. How and where do you choose the right Valentine’s day flowers? We’ve provided every bit of necessary information here, so keep reading this article to learn:

  • Why you should order Valentine’s Day flowers
  • The best Valentine’s Day flowers
  • Where to get Valentine’s Day flowers
  • How to place an order for Valentine’s Day flowers to be sent to your loved ones and a lot more.

Why Should You Send Valentine’s Day Flowers?

With the aura of love, togetherness, and peace that comes with Valentine’s Day, it is a day that many people embrace. Lovers take each other out, spend some time together, and go have fun in various places. Due to specific reasons that might include work, distance, or time, you might not be privileged to spend Valentine’s Day being with your family. For this reason, you might want to take a look at how you can make them happy regardless of this and make Valentine’s Day a joyous one. Sending flowers to communicate with your family on this special day can uplift their mood and make them feel loved and special.

What Are the Best Valentine’s Day Flowers?

It’s no news that flowers quickly go out of stock during Valentine’s Day; this is because everyone jumps at the chance to wish their loved ones a happy Valentine’s Day and strengthen the bond of their relationships. Given this, we need flowers that are not only beautiful but have meaningful messages as well to make Valentine’s Day a memorable one for our family and friends. What are the best Valentine’s Day flowers? We’ve listed them all below:


Elegant, beautiful, multi-colored…all of these describe tulips. The gorgeous tulip is a very special type of flowers. They have diversely colored markings and can grow up to a height of 4”. The tulips symbolize affection and passion, so you can send a bouquet of tulips to your lover, friends, or family to celebrate Valentine’s day with them and let them know that they are always in your heart.


Certainly, roses are the most popular cut flowers for this day of love, and they come in a variety of types and colors. They sell out quickly during Valentine’s Day because of this. That’s because they genuinely represent Valentine’s Day themes, which are love, passion, unity, and more. You can send white roses to a friend to show your pure, innocent love, and send the red roses to your lover to get a bit romantic, which is very much what is needed on Valentine’s Day.


Also called African daisies, gerberas convey cheerfulness and joy, and they come in different beautiful, vibrant colors. You can send them to make Valentine’s day a joyous one.


Chrysanthemums are another special type of flower with a beautiful variety of available colors. Just like the tulips earlier discussed, they symbolize affection and passion. Sending them to your lover can be an assurance of how much they mean to you.


With bright, golden-like colors, daffodils symbolize rebirth and a new beginning. Sending them to your partner can symbolize a re-ignition of the love that exists between you. Harness the happy mood that comes with Valentine’s Day to re0ignite your love and make it grow stronger and stronger.


The amaryllis is most appropriate for a woman. Send it to your wife, mother, or friend to let her know that she’s a woman of virtue, courage, and beauty. Sending these to them on Valentine’s Day can excite them beyond measure.

There are a high number of appropriate Valentine’s Day flowers; the list is endless. The above are some of the best Valentine’s Day flowers that you can send to your friends and family.

Notwithstanding, other Worthy mentions of Valentine’s day flowers are:

  • Callas
  • Lilies
  • Poinsettias
  • Sunflowers
  • Lilacs

All these flowers can brighten up Valentine’s Day for your loved ones.

Where Can You Get Valentine’s Day Flowers?

Without having to leave the comfort of your room, you can send flowers to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day when you use the services of an international florist like FloraQueen.

FloraQueen has an extensive collection of Valentine’s day flowers listed here; from the roses to tulips, gerberas, chrysanthemums, and more, they are all available. Also, on our homepage, you can use the search option to get the best bouquet for Valentine’s day. FloraQueen can deliver Valentine flowers to your friends and family wherever they are in the world. This is possible with the service of FloraQueen’s network of couriers and florists scattered across various cities around the world.

How to Place an Order for Valentine’s Day Flowers and Get Them Delivered to Your Loved Ones

Placing an order with FloraQueen is surprisingly easy and fast. Just a few steps and your Valentine’s Day flowers are on their way to your loved one. Below is a guide on how to place an order:

  • Take a look at FloraQueen’s catalog of Valentine’s Day flowers and select the ones that best tickle your fancy
  • Select your recipient’s location and the date you want the flowers to be delivered on FloraQueen’s calendar
  • Pick any of the classic, premium, or deluxe bouquets of flowers; they differ in price and size
  • Add gifts and special messages to personalize your Valentine’s Day flowers and make them more admirable
  • Input your recipient’s information such as telephone number, city, and address for ease of contact
  • Have a look at the breakdown of the costs and check-out after that to complete your order.


Valentine’s Day flowers can make the celebration a memorable one. With a wide range of flowers to choose from, send the flowers listed in this article to uplift the mood of your loved ones on Valentine’s Day. You can get and send flowers to your loved ones using the services of an international florist like FloraQueen, so waste no time and place an order right away to share the happy moments of Valentine’s Day with your friends and family.

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