Why You Should Get Your Best Friend A Gift This Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just be about you and your beau. It’s the perfect time to celebrate love in all its forms. To mix things up this year we’ve come up with a few tips on why to get your best friend a gift this Valentine’s Day. We’ve also thought up a few suitable surprises that will make them smile on February 14th.

Let’s find out why you should give your bestie a Valentine’s Day gift.

Why you should surprise your best friend with a gift

Not everyone has someone special to surprise on Valentine’s Day. There are plenty of people who are single and will treat February 14th much like any other day of the year. However, there’s no shame being single on Valentine’s Day.

In that way, a well-chosen gift to someone as equally important in your life as a partner can go a long way to making them feel included in a day that’s often exclusionary to people who are not in relationships.

It’s no surprise that in the last five years there’s been an increasing interest in the idea of Galentine’s Day on February 13th. A time when gal pals everywhere can celebrate their friendships with each other. This festivity actually started as a joke in an episode of Parks and Recreation and has turned into an event people actually celebrate today.

Maybe you’ve decided to celebrate Galentine’s Day this year. Or perhaps you just want to mark Valentine’s with a special gift for your BFF (who, let’s be fair, is the true love of your life). Either way, we’ve got a few ideas for what you can give as a surprise.

5 stupendous gifts to get your best friend this Valentine’s Day

A gift to truly toast someone

Personalised Gin glass oh so cherished

If you’re looking for «gin-spiration» for your bestie’s gift, why not offer her a special toast with a personalised gin glass. It’s the perfect excuse to get together and test it.

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A personalised symbol of your love

Red and pink FloraQueen rose bouquet

Flowers for Valentine’s Day don’t just need to be for your partner. Flowers are beautifully versatile and can be tailored specially to your friend’s character.

A nice arrangement of roses, lilies and alstroemerias might suit a friend with a passionate personality. Alternatively, for someone who’s fun and full of life, a selection of yellow and pink roses with gerberas may do just the trick. Remember, you’ll always get extra brownie points for sending a bouquet of their favourite flowers.

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A little eye candy

Hot dudes reading book cover

If one of your gal pals enjoys a good book and could use a good (or at least attractive) man in her life then why not combine the two.

Based on the wildly popular Instagram account Hot Dudes Reading. This book has collated some of the best literate guy candy for your BFF to enjoy all year round.

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A classic reminder that you and your BFF are inseparable

Unicorn friendship pendant

A Galentine’s gift doesn’t even need to be original. Why not rely on a tried and tested friendship pendant? It’s a permanent symbol that you two are part of the same whole and that you’re still together even when you’re apart. Isn’t that what the festivity is all about, after all?

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Some much-needed pampering

Girls relaxation set

People want to feel spoiled when they get a present. There’s no better way to do that than with a gift of relaxation itself. A sumptuous set of bath treats will do just that.

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Those are our suggestions for the perfect «Palentine’s Day». Will you be giving your bestie a little bit of love this year in February? Let us know in the comments!

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