Types of White Flowers to Add to Your Perfect Arrangement

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It doesn’t matter the occasion…if you are planning for the perfect arrangement, you can get a lot of beauty by choosing white flowers. There are many types of white flowers, and some of them are symbolic of the season. Are you ready to learn more about white flowers that you can choose for the most beautiful arrangement?

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White Flowers for Fall

There are some choice white flowers that you can choose to brighten up any crisp fall day:

Baby’s Breath – You are probably familiar with baby’s breath as they are often used as a filler in bouquets and flower arrangements. These small, delicate, white flowers symbolize purity, happiness, and everlasting love.

Japanese Anemone – This is a fall blooming wildflower from the East, which blooms at night. They symbolize anticipation.

Camelia – These decorative flowers symbolize affection and love and are also used to make a tea.

Bouvardia – This star-shaped flower has thin stems, which make them perfect for small arrangements. The bouvardia symbolizes enthusiasm.

White Flowers for Winter

These flowers look amazing with the traditional red and green of the holidays or to represent the snowy days of the winter season:

TulipTulips come in all types of colors, including white. When white, they symbolize forgiveness.

Calla Lily – This easily identifiable bloom represents beauty and rebirth, perfect for the start of a new year.

Spider Mum – The spider mum is a unique flower that isn’t commonly grown in winter, but people do like to add it to winter arrangements thanks to its white color.

Snowdrop – We couldn’t talk about white winter flowers without mentioning the snowdrop. These honey-scented flowers symbolize purity and the home.

White Flowers for Spring

When the ground begins to thaw, the flowers start to bloom, and there are many beautiful white flowers for spring:

Lily of the Valley – These tiny white flowers have bell-shaped blooms and a beautiful scent. They symbolize the return of happiness and sweetness.

Gardenia – The gardenia has striking white flowers, which contrast with its dark green leaves. They have a distinct scent and symbolize love, purity, and beauty.

Star of Bethlehem – Often used by florists thanks to their longevity, the star of Bethlehem represents purity.

Magnolia – Magnolias come in many colors, but the original, and most beloved, are white. They have large blooms and symbolize dignity and purity.

Periwinkle – These flowers are made of five tiny petals and are commonly used in bouquets for spring weddings. Why? Because they represent everlasting love.

IrisThe beautiful white iris represents innocence and purity and is often found in arrangements for weddings and baptism.

Snapdragon – Snapdragons also come in different colors, including white. They symbolize strength and grace, and the flowers and leaves are thought to have some medicinal properties.

Carnation – The white carnation is a popular choice, and they symbolize good luck and purity. This flower is known as the “flower of the gods.”

Hibiscus – Grown in tropical, warm areas, the hibiscus is often used in cooking or in drinks, such as tea. 

Daffodil – You can recognize a daffodil by it’s trumpet-like shape. Daffodils are symbolic of rebirth, which is great for the spring season.

Peony – You often see peonies in art, and they are popular in tattoos, too. White peonies symbolize pure romance, which is why they are often found in wedding bouquets.

Stephanotis – This is a type of jasmine, and it’s also called “bridal veil.” They are very symbolic of true love, and their intoxicating scent make them popular for weddings.

Hyacinth – The hyacinth is another very recognizable flower, thanks to its spike-like shape. It represents loveliness, when white in color, and constancy in all colors.

Amaryllis – This tall, towering garden plant is seen as a symbol of pride. They look like lilies but are only a distant relative. They symbolize innocence, femininity, and purity.

Ranunculus – These flowers grow in wet areas and symbolize charm and attractiveness. The name derives from Latin, and it means “little frog.”

Lisianthus – Also known as the prairie gentian or Texas bluebell, this white flower is often given to loved ones to show admiration and appreciation. It symbolizes luxury and innocence.

White Flowers for Summer

Who doesn’t love the summer? Here are some white flowers to bring even more warmth to your summer days:

Queen Anne’s Lace – This is a wildflower, but it’s also a popular flower for arrangements. It is also known as the wild carrot, and it’s fruit is even edible.

Jasmine – These small, fragrant flowers are often used in bouquets, and their scent is found in perfumes. There are many meanings associated with jasmine including beauty, luck, love, and sensuality.

Daisy – This common flower is popular in home gardens, and though they come in many colors, white is the most common. These flowers symbolize purity, love, and innocence.

Hydrangea – This flower represents emotion and gratitude, and they are often used in weddings as a decoration flower.

Iceberg RoseThis is a popular choice thanks to its honey-scent and beautiful blooms. This rose grows all summer long, and it is also popular in gardens.

Scabiosa – This flower, also known as the pincushion flower, is part of the honeysuckle family. It is a beautiful option for the garden, too, as its nectar attracts butterflies.

Gladiolus – These flowers are distinct in looks thanks to their sword-shaped leaves. They come in several colors, but white is one of the most popular. These flowers represent faithfulness, infatuation, and integrity.

Sweet William – Also known as dianthus, this flower is native to the south of Europe and also found in Asia. They symbolize the male side of things, including finesse and gallantry.

Dahlia – Most people immediately associate the dahlia with the color black, but they come in all different colors, including white. They symbolize focus and purity.

As you can see, there is a perfect white flower for every season, and even every occasion. These types of white flowers are also ideal for flower bouquets and arrangements.

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