How to Express Love Using Carnations Instead of Words

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Often, it is difficult to express your love in words. There are also different kinds of love. Presenting a flower with a specific meaning is more meaningful and shows your exact feelings. Knowing what each flower symbolizes helps express your love more specifically, no matter what the occasion. For example, admiration is a respectful love that one may have for an athlete. It is a person someone looks up to or aspires to be. This is a different love one has for their mother or spouse.

Many flowers all over the world have various symbolism of love. Carnations, specifically, have different meanings behind them depending on the location, with love being the foundation. It is based on culture and history. Today is all about how to express your love without using words. Roses might be the first flower that comes to mind, as they have a global meaning of love and romance. However, carnations are the second most popular cut flower for one to express their love. There are a variety of colors giving plenty of options when expressing love.

Flowers are often bought and received. Even carnations in the Victorian era, continuing to today, are gifted to express a variety of feelings of love. Based on the area and the history behind it, the symbolism varies. Gifting different colored carnations express feelings of love just as loudly as words.

Today, in this article, we are going to talk about carnations and their specific meanings by color and cover the following:

* White Carnations

* Light Red or Pink Carnations

* Red Carnations

* Carnations with Negative Connotations.

* Dyed Carnations

White Carnations

White carnations are the most popular. They have different histories and therefore different meanings. However, they almost always portray the purest form of love. Generally, it isn’t a romantic love, but instead a sweet love. Occasionally they are seen as a sentiment of the beginnings of a new love making it the perfect gift for a first anniversary. In some places, it conveys the message of a prosperous life. Therefore, graduation is a great time to gift white carnations. The white carnations are one of the most popular cut flowers to gift as it is a pure, sweet love.

The white carnation is the most popular way to express love for a mother without saying it in the United States. It is heavily associated with Mother’s Day because of the Anna Jarvis. Anna Jarvis, in 1908, founded Mother’s Day. She sent 500 white carnations to the Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church in Virginia on the first Mother’s Day. The flowers were to be distributed to each mother. Ever since then, the tradition has stuck. It represents a pure form of love in a motherly way.

In the Netherlands, white carnations are worn during a different celebration. White carnations represent the country’s resistance to World War II. By wearing the white carnations, they are honoring the veterans.

The white carnation symbolism in China and Belgium stands out. The white carnation actually does represent a deep love. They are the most popular cut flower used in wedding bouquets and ceremonies. In this case, it is not seen as the usual sweet, pure love, but a deeper, romantic love.

During Victorian times, flowers were often sent and had well-known meanings. It wasn’t easy to speak as often as we do today. Flowers were often sent in secret. Each had a different meaning or code. The white carnations were used often. These times, flowers expressed their love almost just as much as words. Now have the knowledge to do so, too.

Light Red or Pink Carnations

The light red or pink carnations portray admiration or adoration. It’s a softer form of expressing love. It’s often seen as a gratitude flower representing a mother-like love instead of the deep, romantic love one has for their partner. Since gratitude falls under the light-colored carnations, it’s an appropriate thank you token or a small thank you item for being invited to an event.

A Roman legend also surround carnations. Mary shed tears seeing Jesus carry the cross. Wherever a tear was dropped, a fragrant carnation grew in its place. It isn’t clear whether it was pink or white carnations, as this depends on location and religion. It is popular nonetheless. It is another reason why the pink carnation is seen as pure love, but not romantic love. Gift this to your mother and be sure to tell the story and the significance behind it.

Dark Red Carnations

Similar to the red rose, the dark red carnation represents deep love and affection. Romance also tends to be expressed when gifting the dark red carnation. It is a deeper symbol of love than the lighter red or pink carnations. This flower is a great gift to express your deep love for someone, such as a spouse. Gift this flower for a milestone anniversary gift or a special occasion when saying “I love you” just isn’t enough.

Carnations with Negative Connotations

It isn’t often that flowers have negative meanings. However, it is a positive thing that they exist. Messages being sent during the Victorian times needed answers. If flowers only had positive meanings, it wouldn’t be easy to express your love, whether good or bad. Gifting carnations with a negative meaning eases a breakup and softens the rejection. A rejected job offer, or invite is also an appropriate time to gift these carnations.

* The yellow carnations represent disappointment or rejection.

* Striped carnations represent refusal or rejection but more softly than the yellow carnation.

Dyed Carnations

Carnations are dyed through the base of their stem with food coloring. It means carnations can be turned any color you like. In the United States, St. Patrick’s Day is a popular celebration. As much green is worn as possible. Carnations are often dyed green and worn on St. Patrick’s Day. Green carnations are also gifted in bouquets during this time.

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