Send flowers to Italy: if each city were a flower

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Send flowers to Italy: if each city were a flower

You will have hopefully seen our previous blog on the stereotypes to consider when you send flowers to Italy. Having read this you will know how the Italians love their flowers. What we are going to consider in this blog, is if each city in Italy were a flower, which would they be? Then, next time you send flowers to Italy, you can send the flower which describes their city and let them know why you chose what you did.

venice – the red rose

send flowers to italy venice

Of course, Venice would have to be the red rose. This most romantic of cities has been home to many a proposal, wedding and honeymoon. Let’s be honest, there is nothing more romantic that a gondola ride down the canals of Venice with soft music playing in the background. And when you think of romance, of course the red rose is the first flower to come to mind. Can you imagine how amazing it would be to receive a red rose bouquet whilst walking back after dinner through the quiet Venetian streets?

Rome – the lily

send flowers to italy colloseum

If Rome were a flower, it would be the lily. This was a very popular flower in the city during the time of the Roman Empire due its perceived sacredness. Legend had it that the lily was formed from the milk of the Goddess Juno which fell from the sky whilst she was nursing her son Hercules. The Romans hence considered that the lily was a gift from the gods and it was therefore held in the highest regard. Modern day Romans couldn’t fail to be impressed by the beauty of this flower. It’s therefore recommended that if you are to send flowers to Italy, well the Italian capital in particular, that a bouquet of lilies would be a great choice.

cagliari – the sunflower

send flowers to italy cagliari

The capital of the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia can only be characterised by one flower; the sunflower. Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean and is truly a sunny paradise all year round. Throughout the extensive countryside surrounding the city of Cagliari you will find fields and fields of spectacular sunflowers. Not one flower is as happy as the sunflower and this reflects the happy nature of all the people that you will find in this great city on the coast of the Med.

Milan – the orchid

send flowers to italy milan

Milan is world renowned for being the fashion capital of our planet. With brands such as Dolce&Gabbana, Giorgio Armani and Prada all coming out of this city, it is little wonder. So when looking for the flower to encapsulate this city we need to look for a flower that would look at home in the luxurious and fashionable homes of this city. And what could be a more fashionable flower to have in the home than a pretty orchid?

verona – the white rose

send flowers to italy verona

Some people call it an act of pure love, whilst others call it down right stupidity. I mean they had only known each other 3 days! Is that really enough time to not imagine a life without them? Anyway, I’m sure you know what I’m referring to, as I doubt there is a single English speaker who didn’t study Romeo and Juliet in school. And for you A grade students, I’m sure you know that it was set here in the stunning Italian city of Verona. There can be no doubt that the appropriate flower to describe this city is white rose. A romantic flower which symbolises innocence – the innocence of the young love between those two “star-crossed lovers.”

Are there any other Italian cities that you think a flower could describe perfectly? Which flower would describe your home town? Let us know!

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