Why Should You Bulk Flowers Online: Discover the Possibilties

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Flowers are, without any doubt, nature’s most beautiful and spectacular creations! Any type of event, either happy, romantic, or sorrowful, is incomplete without them. Since we know this might be a quite expensive affair and cause a lot of headaches, we came up with the best solution for you in such hard times: online purchase of bulk flowers! Let’s read more about:

* Advantages of Bulk Buying
* Tips for Bulk Buying
* Misconceptions of Bulk Buying

Advantages of Bulk Buying

The first and most considerable advantage of bulk buying is that bulk buying is considerably cheaper compared to a purchase made from a flower shop. A florist would most likely make you pay for each flower thread, a price which can even be twice as high as the initial selling price.

The excellent news is that you would not only buy your pretty flowers at a much lower price than in a typical flower shop, but you could also receive amazingly profitable discounts if you purchase large quantities. You would no longer be stressing over your floral budget, but, on the contrary, you would shortly realize that you can make significant savings.

Another advantage of buying flowers in bulk is that you would be receiving the requested flowers from local growers. This means that the flowers are as fresh as they can be. We all know that there is nothing better than having fresh, stunning flowers in your floral setting! It would be considerably easier to create the most splendid floral arrangement that you have imagined and even keep it fresh a little while longer.

The third matter that makes bulk buying more advantageous than buying from a flower shop is the wide variety of flowers that you could choose from! Different shapes, pleasant fragrances, ravishing colors, and fascinating origins – these are features that make flowers unique and truly special for any flower lovers out there.

Apart from the most popular and frequently requested flowers, such as roses, orchids, irises, and lilacs, the wholesalers do offer a more extensive range of options. As noted recently, more and more brides have started to choose anthuriums, delphiniums, and even succulents as flowers for their wedding flower arrangements, but, unfortunately, these are not usually available in a flower shop.

With FloraQueen, you have access to lots and lots of flowers and even VIP services to help you plan your special event.

Tips for Bulk Buying

Buying seasonal flowers might be more profitable and, depending on the wholesalers’ purchase conditions, even some discounts might be applied for them. We dare suggest, for instance, that it would not hurt if you thought about including chrysanthemums in your bridal bouquet for your September wedding – they are genuinely breathtaking flowers and your bouquet would be beyond comparison! Your flower arrangement, however, might not be complete without any holders, but this is not a matter that should worry you! Many floral suppliers do have vases or bouquet holders of different shapes and size out for sale.

If you are still undecided, FloraQueen is the heaven of bulk buying! Upon placing your order, you could choose from a wide range of flowers and mention the type of event for which the flower arrangement is necessary (anniversaries, romantic occasions, funerals, birthdays, or baby arrival). It is also important to note that the delivery service is available in 100 other countries such as the UK, Germany, Spain, the Nordic countries, the United States, and many more.

Misconceptions of Bulk Buying

This bulk buying affair, however, is not without its critics. In fact, there is a common misconception that it is better to buy flowers in person than online because there are several things that might go wrong in terms of delivery. People fear that misunderstandings could occur, and, for instance, the flower arrangement might not be sent on time (either too early or too late), or the delivery address might be incorrect, and the arrangement would reach another address.

Indeed, those are valid possibilities, but, at the same time, there are ways to make sure that these unfortunate events might never happen. With FloraQueen, we know how important timelines are, which is why we are never late on our deliveries. A confirmation can also be made the day before the delivery date – if, let’s suppose, things might have been mixed-up, the tragedy could have been avoided.

Another aspect that might make people reluctant about buying flowers in bulk is that they would think that there would be no room left for creativity when it comes to decorating the flower setting. That is also a false belief! Depending on the type of event, flower arrangements purchased straight from wholesalers can be personalized. In essence, you might even be surprised that your supplier knows more about color combinations and focal points than your florist! FloraQueen has a wide range of options, and you can also request assistance from one of our floral specialists by completing a short form.

Other critics would even go further and claim that the flowers are not, in fact, as presented in the online photos. Not to worry, though! A reliable supplier, however, always has fresh and well taken care of flowers available for purchase. For instance, at FloraQueen, we have local florists that deliver the freshest blooms to your chosen destination.

Lastly, some other critics would even believe that bulk flowers are more expensive than paying for them individually, as it happens in a flower shop. We dare say that this belief is not close to the truth because, in fact, wholesalers not only have lower prices than the florists. They also usually apply discounts when certain types of flowers are bought in large quantities. You would, therefore, save a considerable amount of money which could be put to better use.

In conclusion, this article offers you an insight into purchasing bulk flowers online and why this approach is worth taking into consideration for your next floral arrangements.

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