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Who doesn’t love to be presented with a bouquet of elegant, colorful roses? Certainly, roses are highly sought after, and getting a bouquet of colorful fragrant roses can be quite wonderful. However, not all companies are the same. If you’ve been let down when you ordered a bouquet of roses in the past or are pretty new to sending flowers, you are at the right place. You can learn:

  • Why you should send roses
  • Types of roses
  • Where to find roses and order for a bouquet
  • How your roses can be delivered… and a lot more.

Pumped for this already? Keep reading to be informed on how to have roses delivered to your loved ones.

Why Should You Send Roses?

Roses are generally used to express love and affection. They are the most popular flowers in any country worldwide; everybody loves them. Given this, why don’t you make your loved ones feel special with a finely-made bouquet of roses? You can send roses to:

  • Profess your undying love to the person you are in a relationship with and make them know how much they mean to you
  • Thank someone who just helped you with something and let them know how much you appreciate the help
  • Show empathy towards a friend or family who is going through a tough time with work, health, or finances
  • Express joy and admiration for your friends or family who just found a new home in another country and wish them the best in their newly found life.

There are many meanings attached to roses across the globe, but the above are the most understood, and even without a personalized message, your loved ones would get the message you’re passing along.

Types of Roses

Roses come in many varieties. With a number of species amounting up to over 100, roses can be found in different colors worldwide. For the purpose of this article, we’re concentrating more on the most widely-accepted ones you can send to your friends and family; they go as follows:

Long Stem Roses

With a single, long, and sturdy stem and a single full bloom, the long stem rose is everyone’s favorite. The blooms are big, and they can last more than a week when placed at your home or office for decorations.

Knock Out Roses

Knock Out Roses won the ‘All American Rose Award.’ Interestingly, this major success was achieved in its first year of distribution. The major disadvantage of Knock Out Roses is that they lack fragrance.

Moss Rose

Moss roses are exceedingly beautiful. Although the sizes of the blooms are not one to be impressed with, moss roses are particularly grown for their gorgeous beauty. Moss roses can grow up to a height of about 4 feet, and they bloom only once.

How to Get Roses Your Roses Delivered

Thinking of sending a bouquet of roses to celebrate your friends or family? You can use the services provided at FloraQueen. FloraQueen can help you send not only roses, but gifts as well, to surprise your loved ones and brighten up their day. Regardless of which country your recipient is, FloraQueen can make the perfect floral arrangement and send it to them. Use the following guide to place an order for a bouquet of roses on FloraQueen:

  • On FloraQueen’s homepage, browse through the collection of bouquets and select one made of roses; an example is the 12 Red Roses bouquet
  • Click the “continue button,” and on the next page, select your destination country and the date you want the roses delivered on the calendar provided
  • There are different sizes of rose bouquets; the classic, premium, and deluxe; select one of these
  • Add some of the gifts provided to supplement your roses; you can add a plush toy, sweets, a vase, a bottle of wine, and a greeting card
  • Personalize your flowers with a  well-written message or use one of the preset messages available
  • In the next window, input your recipient’s delivery city, phone number, and address
  • View the breakdown for the cost of each item and make payment to complete your order

How Do the Roses Get Delivered?

FloraQueen provides two delivery options to have your roses delivered. You can choose between the standard and special delivery options on the calendar provided when picking your delivery date.

With the standard delivery option, FloraQueen pieces together your roses from our logistics center and sends the arrangement to your destination country by freight. Once the parcel arrives in the country, the postal service in the country processes the parcel and sends it to the post office nearest to the address you provided. The telephone number you provided is then called to notify your recipient to come receive the parcel.

Alternatively, FloraQueen has several professional florists in different countries worldwide who can make special deliveries for your roses. To understand better, if your delivery country is Brazil, FloraQueen’s partner-florists in the country make arrangements for your roses and send them to your address through a delivery man.

Why Should You Use FloraQueen for Your Rose Deliveries?

Among other international florists, FloraQueen is distinctive with our products and services. The deliveries are fast and made on time. What’s more? The roses available on FloraQueen are planted following the proper government regulations, and they come in a variety of colors. You can have a wonderful experience when you use FloraQueen’s services.

Where Can FloraQueen Make Delivery of Roses?

FloraQueen can send flowers to well over 100 countries across Europe, South America, Asia, Oceania, and North America. Regardless of which city or town your recipient is, FloraQueen’s network of florists and couriers can ensure that the roses get delivered just in time to help you celebrate your loved ones’ birthday, anniversary, wedding, and other special occasions.


Roses are a very special type of flowers that you can use to send your heartfelt emotions to your friends and family. To make the entire process of sending the flowers quick and hassle-free, use FloraQueen’s services.

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