When and how to grow roses

How to grow roses

Roses are internationally known for their beauty; they are the queen of flowers. There are songs about them, there are sayings about them, they are iconic! The rose is the queen of flowers, the one that everyone loves to give. The common flower to give a loved one for a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion. While giving roses is easy, what about growing them?

Growing roses requires extreme dedication, patience and attention to detail. It may seem easy from afar, but it is actually quite a meticulous and precise process. The ideal time to plant rose bushes is in the spring, when the cold has left and the ground is starting to warm up. You do need to ensure that you have enough space as the bushes will grow quite large as well. It is wise to not plant them with other plants or shrubs as they may harm each other. Roses also grow best if they have some kind of help, a gazebo or wall that they may grow up.

How to grow roses

Today we are going to review four easy steps for you to start growing your own rose bushes.

Prepare the soil

First you want to ensure that the soil in the area in which you will be planting the roses is ready. Start by fertilizing the soil, either with a purchased rose fertilizer or with other organic matter, you want the soil to be rich with nutrients. After fertilizing the soil, you can begin to dig the hole in which you will plant the bush. The depth of the hole will depend on the area, if you are in a colder climate then you will want the plant to be placed in a deeper hole. If in a warmer climate the depth can be more shallow.

How to grow roses

Place the plant

Once you have dug a hole at the correct depth and wide enough for the plant to comfortably fit you are ready to place the plant. You will want to water the soil slightly just before you place the plant. Place the plant in the hole and then begin to cover with your fertilized nutrient rich soil. You want to be sure that all of the roots are covered by soil, compressing it slightly so that it is tight and the plant will not easily come out. Then you will want to make an approximately 6-inch mound of soil over the plant. This will protect the plant from drying out initially and can be removed as the buds begin to sprout.


The first 3 to 4 weeks after placing your plant you want to be sure to water it regularly as this is when it is most likely to dry out. It is best to water the roses in the morning. You want to soak the bed with water about every two weeks to ensure that the soil does not dry out, it is important that rose bushes stay moist. About 3 months after planting you can begin to fertilize your roses, we suggest purchasing a fertilizer specifically for roses and following the instructions on the package.

How to grow roses

Prune your roses

Once your roses have begun to flower you want to make sure to prune them regularly, this is to help with overcrowding and aids in the bush growing stronger and healthier. You will want to cut off any root stock, new plants that grow from the roots, as well as any remaining branches thinner that a pencil. Or anything that is not fitting with your desired shape for the rose bush.

How to grow roses

With patience, love and care you should start to see your hard work pay off. It will be such a reward to see the beautiful rose blossoms in your own garden. And after all the hard work you get to enjoy their beauty!


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