Are These The Fastest Ways to Make Peonies Bloom?

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There can be no doubting that Peonies are one of the most beautiful flowers spring has to offer. They have light pastel shades, big bountiful blooms and look amazing in a bouquet. However, for crucial events like weddings (where they are still one of the top flowers of choice for bridal bouquets), having a few tricks on hand to ensure your peonies bloom on time for the big day can be essential. After all, closed peonies on someone’s big day just won’t do.

Like many cut flowers, peonies are delivered in their freshest state possible meaning they will often arrive to their destination closed to guarantee they’ll last longer in their vase or bouquet. However, arriving closed doesn’t need to spell disaster, even when having the best looking blooms counts the most as like many other unbloomed stems, there are a few tricks that can be employed to coax them out of their slumber.

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Tips and tricks to make Peonies open faster:

Trim additional foliage

Like all plants, the more leaves there are the more energy is expended on their upkeep, which directs some of it away from the buds. That’s why it’s a good idea to trim away any extraneous greenery from your stems when they arrive. That way once they’ve settled in their vase with some water and food they’ll dedicate all their energy to the petals.

Give them a little warmth and food

Like many cut flowers, a little tepid water and flower food can do wonders to make your blooms open faster. When they arrive place them immediately in some slightly warm (but not hot water) and add your sachet of flower food, which should come with your delivery. In a few hours your peonies will start to look a lot more alive and open.

Cut their stems at an angle

This is another catchall trick to make stubborn closed flowers open. When flowers arrive you should always cut the stems and at a 45º angle to allow the blooms to absorb as much water as they can, as fast as possible. As the plants no longer have roots this is the best way to make sure their cut ends don’t seal up and hamper absorption. Re-cutting the stems every 2-3 days will also help ensure the longest vase life possible.

Give them a (gentle) tap on the head

It may sound crazy, but one of the tips sometimes given by experienced florists to hurry your peonies along is to give them a little tap on the top of their heads against a hard surface. Obviously it should only be a gentle tap just to stimulate the petals.

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Keep them somewhere cosy

Peony flowers are plants, so naturally they’re designed to respond to sunlight. This fact can be your ally as placing them in bright, warm room for a short while can give them the encouragement they need to bloom that little bit faster.

Give them a little cover

Alternatively you can try covering the bouquet with a plastic bag for a short while. This allows naturally emitted ethylene gas to stimulate the opening of the blooms.

Pink peonies in vase on table

Give them a quick dunking

Just like people, a splash of water on their heads is a great way to wake up your peony blooms. By quickly submerging the flowers in some tepid water for 10-15 seconds every 1 or two hours you’ll be able to give the peonies the push they need to bloom fully.

IF ALL ELSE FAILS: Give them a quick swish in water

If you need your peonies open yesterday and you absolutely can’t wait another minute for their petals to open then there is one final trick you can try. Similar to the previous trick, you can submerge them in water, whilst twisting and swishing the blooms underwater until air bubbles start appearing in the water and the flowers start to open.

Peonies should always be experienced at their best when they arrive as a gift on a special day or to make any home brighter with their bulbous blooms. With these tips and tricks you can always enjoy the wonder of fresh peonies at their most beautiful.

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