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Throughout history and across cultures, different varieties of flowers have been thought to convey different meanings or messages, depending on how and when they are sent or received. Almost all flowers have a certain meaning in a certain context, and this can make for a great way to send a subtle or bold message to somebody through the gift of a flower or flowers! If you want to communicate something special to someone in your life, then flowers are an excellent choice. Through the selection of different flowers in an arrangement, you can express much more than you might in words. This article discusses:

Different Flowers and their Meanings

Many flowers have a symbolic meaning, as well as some cultural meaning or significance they may have as a result of their traditional use as a gift for certain occasions or celebrations. Roses are a great example of this. They are strongly associated with romantic love or attraction, due to being given so often in these contexts. This makes them a great choice to give to somebody on Valentine’s Day, as your message is absolutely going to be understood by your recipient. However, roses are not the only flowers that have a meaning or convey a message. Many different flowers have meanings and messages associated with them, depending on the culture or context that they are sent or received in.

Sometimes it is not the flower itself, but the color of the flower that is most symbolic of all. White is very often associated with purity and innocence, for example. Red is often thought to symbolize or communicate romantic love and passion. If you are going to send flowers to somebody, but you are not sure what your choice can or might communicate to them, then it is not a bad idea to ask somebody for guidance, or you can do some research into the subject. FloraQueen have a number of skilled and knowledgeable florists on hand, who can guide you in your choice of flowers if you would like to have some delivered to somebody, but you would like some assistance in putting your bouquet or arrangement together.

While many flowers have meanings that are not commonly known today, that does not mean that you can’t engage in the exciting and ancient tradition of sending a message to someone via the secret language of flowers. If you utilize a flower delivery service like FloraQueen, for example, it is possible to include a card with the delivery, and on your card you might choose to explain the symbolic meaning of the flowers you have sent to the person who is going to receive them. This way, they can appreciate the effort and thought you have put into their gift and can enjoy the mysterious thrill of interpreting a message sent through symbolism!

How to Send a Symbolic Bouquet or Arrangement 

Some flowers are associated more strongly with other traits or concepts, like friendship or wisdom, for example. If you are thinking of sending flowers to somebody and would like to convey a particular message, but are not sure how you can communicate this then you can get in touch with a florist who can guide you as to which flowers have which symbolism and what certain combinations can mean or represent. FloraQueen offers consultancy with florists as part of the process of ordering or arranging a delivery, so this is a good option if you are unsure as to what your flowers might mean, or how exactly you can express a certain message to somebody through flowers.

Once you have found a delivery service that is right for you, you can start thinking about how and when to send the flowers to your recipient. If it is on an occasion like Valentine’s Day, it is best to organize this in advance, but FloraQueen offers same-day delivery on most orders that are placed in the morning, and we can even accommodate such orders on special occasions like Valentine’s Day oftentimes. If you are celebrating an occasion and have an event to go to, it may be best instead to have the flowers delivered before or after. However, you could also choose to have them delivered directly to the event itself, in order to make an impression!

Depending on the effect you want to achieve, you can express so many different things through flower symbolism. With a service like FloraQueen, there are a myriad of bouquets and arrangements that you can choose from and have delivered to somebody, often on the very same day! It is also possible to send somebody a plant in a pot instead of a flower. If you especially love the symbolism of a certain plant or flower, then the effect can be a lot stronger if you send that to them instead of a simple mixed bouquet. You can get very creative with what you want to say to somebody with flowers and how you want to say it to them.

Facts About Flower Symbolism

Flower symbolism has been an integral part of various folklores around the world for much of human history, though the strength of our associations with flowers and symbolic meaning has arguably weakened somewhat as we have become generally less attached to the natural world as societies have modernized and industrialized. During this time, some flowers have become symbolic in ways that they were not historically. For example, the red poppy is now strongly associated with war and sacrifice in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand, as a result of the First World War.

Different flowers or plants have different symbolic meanings, depending on the culture and the landscape it belongs to. For example, in China, the cherry blossom’s flower is thought to be associated with feminine beauty, but in Japan, it is more strongly associated with life being a transient and poignant experience.

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