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Love is in the air and for some, this means treating their loved ones to a bouquet of flowers to show their appreciation.  If you’ve planned a romantic trip abroad however, you may need some help in ordering flowers, so we’ve put together a few phrases in a few languages to ensure your trip runs smoothly!

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“Hello, can I please have a dozen red roses?”

French: Bonjour, j’aimerais une douzaine de roses, s’il vous plaît.
Italian: Buongiorno, potrei avere una dozzina di rose per favore?
German: Hallo, ich hätte gerne ein Dutzend roter Rosen.

“How much are they?”

French: Combien je vous dois ?
Italian: Quanto costano?
German: Wie viel kosten?

“Thank you! Have a nice day!”

French: Merci beaucoup ! Bonne journée !
Italian: Grazie! Le auguro una buona giornata!
German:  Vielen Dank. Einen schönen Tag Ihnen!

And then when you present your flowers, you can impress them with the local language:

I love you more and more each day

French: Je t’aime de plus en plus chaque jour.
Italian: Tia mo ogni giorno sempre di più.
German: Ich liebe dich jeden Tag.

For some other phrases, have a look at the FrenchItalian and German phrasebooks from Rosetta Stone.

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