Renewing Vows Is a New Wedding Trend for a Second Loving Life

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After many years of living together, couples sometimes forget the true meaning of love. For a married couple, renewing their vows is the best way to say, “I love you” and to remember the beautiful moments spent together. Reaffirming one’s love and commitment can seduce couples who have been married for a few years. Just like organizing a wedding, this kind of event requires meticulous preparation. There are no specific rules or deadlines for renewing wedding vows. The choice of the moment is left to the bride and groom. However, most couples who renew their vows do so on a symbolic date. The wedding anniversary appears to be the ideal event to reaffirm their union. The renewal of vows has no legal consequences, only moral value.

Today, you should learn some points to remember and prepare for this event and make the day the best day of your life.

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Wedding Vows

Marriage is not a result. It is the beginning of a great adventure. You sign a marriage contract, you commit to love each other, but none of these acts guarantees the viability of the union. It is what the couple decides to do with their marriage and how they maintain it that keeps it going.

While in everyday life, some contracts must be renewed to continue to work, the marriage contract does not follow this rule. Moreover, as with many of the significant stages of life, no instructions are given once the union is proclaimed. We sometimes tend to forget that nothing is taken for granted and that marriage requires, beyond love, work, attention, time, investment, and a lot of patience.

To renew your vows after many years of marriage, you should tell yourself how happy you are to be at the side of the person you love.

In our daily lives, we encounter many challenges and difficulties. Yet, we want to remain on the same path together, hand in hand. And that we commit ourselves once again to do everything possible to achieve this.

How Do You Renew Your Wedding Vows?

There are many ways to renew your wedding vows. Couples who are attached to religion may opt for religious renewal. For example, the Christian faith proposes a ceremony during which the rings are blessed a second time. Non-believers can arrange a secular celebration, conducted by a relative.

If protocol bothers you, you can choose to renew your wedding vows in the strictest privacy, or surrounded by your loved ones (family and friends). To mark the occasion independently, lovers choose to renew their wedding vows abroad. The most romantic can go to a heavenly island to renew their vows, barefoot in the sand, at sunset. The most adventurous can find themselves at the top of a mountain, on a cliff, or even underwater for an unforgettable moment.

To celebrate in small groups and with excellent style, the bride and groom have to choose the ritual that inspires them. Sometimes, financial means may not be available at the time of the wedding. Why not opt for a big reception with all the friends and the guests? Some can prefer family gatherings. Others can fly away as lovers on a beach in Mauritius, Bali, or can opt for a renewal of vows celebrated in Las Vegas. All you have to do is decide how you would like to renew your vows!

Why Renew Wedding Vows?

This trend coming from the United States is common today. There are as many reasons to renew wedding vows as there are ways to love each other. Some people take advantage of a wedding anniversary to renew their vows. Newlyweds do not hesitate to renew their vows after only five or 10 years of marriage.

Today, marriage no longer conveys the values of the past. People are getting divorced very quickly, and couples who stay together all their lives are increasingly rare. Those who do are modern-day heroes, who manage to defy the caprices of life together and face all the possible hardships of a love story.

Renewing your wedding vows can also be an opportunity to get the wedding you have always dreamed of but could not get because of a lack of time or money. After many years together, the bride and groom dare to think big for their reception, having a more comfortable budget. Such a romantic act is the perfect way to tell how much you love each other, and that the weight of years and the deadly routine has not been enough to defeat this love. And why not go for a second honeymoon alone?

How to Organize a Vow Renewal Ceremony?

The place of the ceremony:

Before exchanging your vows, you must first decide where the service is going to take place. You can either celebrate it on board the boat or on land (on the beach, at the church, etc.).

For newlyweds, be aware that some law prohibits marriages on international territory. It is, therefore, impossible to tie the knot at sea.

The choice of the boat:

A wedding on a cruise is just as complicated to organize as a wedding on land. In the same way that you hesitate between several venues, choosing the place of the boat and the cruise requires a long reflection (sea, river.). Based on these parameters, you can select the type of boat adapted to your desires and those of your spouse: barges, wheeled boats, yachts.

Services onboard:

For many lovers, the renewal of vows in the blue ocean is a dream that can come true only together. For an emotional and eternal moment, make sure that your demands and requirements are respected in the smallest details. From the room decoration to the entertainment, including the cocktail party, everything should be meticulously organized. Depending on your theme, your budget, and the number of guests, the cruise line can propose an offer adapted to your needs.

Event catering:

To keep your renewal of wishes magical, surprise your guests with an exceptional meal. To do so, you can either call upon a professional caterer or entrust the preparation to the boat’s chef. Depending on your tastes and needs, choose the formula that suits you best: wines of honor, classic buffet, gourmet meal, cocktail reception, etc. Comfortably seated, your guests can enjoy a magnificent view while savoring the sweet and delicious foods served to them.

A vow renewal is a way to celebrate your marriage. You have been married for over 10, 25, or 50 years together, and you want the world to know? Feel free to renew your vows. Marriage is an unforgettable moment in the life of a couple. A new trend seems to be gaining ground: the renewal of wedding vows, or how to say nicely “I love you” once again! Renewing one’s promises is offering oneself the union of one’s dreams, with all the strength of the years.

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