Tattoos: 10 main rules to follow

Tattoos: 10 main rules to follow

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Tattoos are more widespread than ever and many of you are following the trend. But, by definition, a tattoo is for life. So if you’ve sure about taking the plunge, here are a few rules that will help you avoid making a decision on a sudden whim that you later come to regret. Apparently, nearly 40% of those with tattoos end up disapproving of their tattoo at some point later in their life. Let’s have a look at the 10 main rules to follow:

Tattoo1- Don’t just put it anywhere!

One of the main issues with tattoos is often professional. Sometimes they can get in the way of professional progress. It’s best to avoid parts of the body that are in full view, like the face, the hands and the neck and choose a more discreet area.


Floral tattoo2- Choose the right symbol

What your tattoo symbolises is really important to you, so be sure to research the meaning of your future tattoo before getting inked. Take floral art, for example, flowers can symbolise youth, vitality and even the victory of life over death. While the fleur de Lys normally conveys a message of purity, the orchid symbolises mystery.

Tattoo prices3- Don’t try to cut costs!

To make sure the end result is as close to the idea of the tattoo in your head as possible, take no risks. Do proper research on the tattoo artist you’ve chosen, enquire about their experience and don’t hesitate to raise your budget for a better price/quality balance.


Celebrity tattoo4- Don’t copy

A tattoo should never be a way to follow a fashion. It should represent an important phase that has truly marked your life. It is such a personal thing that it should come from deep within you. So don’t just copy your favourite singer’s most recent tattoo.


5- Never choose your partner’s name

In life, nothing is certain and all relationships can, sadly, come to an end at any time. So think twice before getting your current partner’s name tattooed on your body! It might just make finding a replacement that much harder!

Tattoo lovers name

big tattoos6- Tattoos set tongues wagging

Be aware that tattoos provoke a lot of conversations. Strangers will come up and ask you about their meaning, who did them and why you chose that part of your body. People who already have tattoos or are hoping to get one will not hesitate to approach you to talk about them. This may lead to some pleasant meetings, but it can quickly become annoying.

Tattoo7- Small of the back tattoos are out!

Though they’ve been in fashion over recent years, a new trend has now completely taken their place, with women now preferring to tattoo the side of their body at breast height.


Tattoos and style8- A tattoo that goes with your style

Think of your future tattoo as an extra fashion accessory. You’ll be wearing it 24/7. You’d better make sure its shape and colours go with your wardrobe!


Wedding tatto9- What about my wedding?

Weddings are still one of the most important times in a couple’s life. And at key times like these, all the details count. Ladies, picture yourself in your wedding dress!


Couple tattoo10- Get tattooed together

As mentioned in rule 5, nobody can be sure of spending the rest of their life with the person who currently shares their day to day. While matching tattoos might be a nice gift idea to celebrate an anniversary, it is important to take the time to weigh up the pros and cons.


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