The Iris Flower Meaning Is Full of Love and Deep Trust

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Human beings love art. No matter how much science is improving, humans always on the look out for beautiful things to create, admire, and interpret. Giving an artistic touch to everything in the world is proof of psychological and physical well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

One of the most beautiful things on earth that blew the mind of humans centuries before now is flowers. Since ancient times, they have served as an inspiration for many songs, poems, paintings, and more.

The iris flower is one of these beautiful creations of Mother Nature. With their intriguing shape and rainbow variation of colors, it inspired many artists like the famous Van Gogh with his painting called “Iris,” because this flower can inspire deep feelings of love, trust, and care. Through the years, it gained more interest in other uses.

In the following lines, you are going to know more about this intriguing flower from its history, its meaning, its medical uses, and even how to bring it in your garden. For that, we are going to follow the next points:

* History and the Iris Flower
* What is the Meaning of the Iris Flower?
* Some Uses You May Not Know about the Iris Flower.
* How to Plant and Maintain the Iris Flower?

History and the Iris Flower

For the Ancient Egyptians, the iris flower was a symbol of majesty and power. In Greek mythology, iris was the messenger of the gods and it never brought anything but good news. As a reward for its fierce services, it was changed into a rainbow, as it is a symbol of the return of good weather.

Moreover, this beautiful flower served as a symbol for the kingdom of France because Clovis, during the battle of Vouillé near Châtellerault, discovered, thanks to the iris of the marshes, the presence of a fjord, which allowed him to cross a river. He was able to deduce this because this flower can only live in a maximum of 40 cm of water. Convinced that he owed his triumph to the little plant, the king of the Franks made the iris his emblem as the symbol of the kingdom’s monarchy and unity.

What is the Meaning of the Iris Flower

The iris is a fascinating flower with its evergreen sword-shaped leaves and a large variety of colors for its flowers. You can find thousands of varieties with delicate nuances, from orange to pale pink, yellow to rust, purple to almost black, sky blue to indigo. You can simply find it in all the colors of the rainbow.

In the language of flowers, the iris is a symbol of love and trust. Therefore, offering irises further reinforces the message of good news to come. To offer a white iris is a way to say “I love you with confidence.” If you offer a blue iris, you can express “I love you tenderly.

A yellow iris means a happy love while a red-brown iris stands for an ardent love. The only problem with the irises in a bouquet is that they quickly fade. Once faded, the flower permanently stains the wooden or marble furniture on which it fell.

Some Uses You May Not Know about the Iris Flower

The iris owes its success not only to the beauty of its flower but also to its healing proprieties. A long time ago, doctors believed that the iris contained the principles to cure scorpion and snake bites and stomach aches. Dried iris rhizomes were even used to treat respiratory illnesses or to flavor wine.

In antiquity, the iris was liked for its flower but also for the scent given off by the combustion of its rhizomes. These have been a popular component in perfumery since the time of Catherine de Medici. In addition, it was even used in the preparation for hair products or to make an oil intended to remove bad odors.

Even more surprising, the gardeners planted it on the roofs of the houses because their mere presence was believed to be sufficient to keep evil spirits away and protect the home from the risks of lightning.

How to Plant and Maintain the Iris Flower?

Perched on its tall stems, with its brightly colored petals, the variety found in most gardens is particularly rustic. Not only is this plant very resistant to climatic conditions, but it also requires very little maintenance!

During flowering, the only thing to do is to cut the faded flowers as you go, to allow the other buds to flourish and to lighten the stem. The iris does not fear violent winds, except during flowering, because the stem is weakened by the weight of the flowers, so you should give it special attention during that period.

When the new roots of iris rhizomes form after flowering, it is the best time to split the clumps that have become too large. Duplication helps maintain abundant flowering. You should practice this every four years; especially when the iris is confined in an area of your garden and it can no longer grow outdoors.

In the language of flowers, the iris has many positive and charming meanings. It is a powerful symbol of love and deep trust and a great tool to express your romantic and tender feelings. If you want to share your most heartfelt confidence and trust in a friendly or loving way, the rainbow iris can be your best choice ever.

Throughout history, this flower has gained much interest in the art and medical world. Many artists tried to draw it, or use it to convey different feelings, and many doctors used it to cure a wide range of diseases from stomachaches to animal bites. It is an easy flower to grow and maintain, thus you can easily bring it in your home. If you want to offer it in a bouquet, be aware that it quickly fades. Once the petals begin to fall, the flower can permanently stain surfaces, like wood or stone, so pick it up.

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