The Gerbera Daisy Flower Meaning

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The gerbera daisy is a part of the genius plants in the daisy family. This is a tropical plant native to many South American, African, and Asian countries. Popularly known as the African daisy, this flower comes in colors of yellow, orange, white, pink, or red. It is used a lot in gardens as a decorative feature and has an appearance with a flower head about 7cm, which comes black in color most times.

This flower is ranked as the fifth most popular flower on the commercial flower market and has been used as a study organism in the formation of flowers research. It is best planted on moist soil, the gerbera daisy attracts bees, butterflies, birds, as well as humans to itself.

However, this information is too far-fetched for many who are interested in knowing about origin and meaning of this popular flower. There is a lot to know about this beautiful flower that has been around for years, and our information takes us into broader knowledge of the general daisy family. We are going to learn the following essential knowledge of the gerbera daisy:

* Meaning of the name gerbera daisy

* Significance and symbolism

* Individual gerbera daisy color, their meaning, and symbol

Meaning of The Name Gerbera Daisy

The name gerbera automatically relates to a type of tropical daisy. Etymologically, the name gerbera originated in honor of a botanist from Germany named Traugott Gerber. In Latin, the flower is called Gerbera jamesonii, which could also be a significant reason for its English name.

To Egyptians, the gerbera means directness to mother earth and commitment to the sun. For the Celts, the gerbera flower means that everyday hardship can be lessened and made sweet. It is believed, going by an old Celtic legend that God sprayed these daises over the earth when a child passed away, this was a way to give their parents a little joy.

For the Norse, one of their mythology states that Freya, the goddess of love, fertility, and beauty, has the daisy as her sacred flower. For many other cultures, the gerbera flower speaks of truth and childlike joy where warmth, brightness, and hope can be found. These meanings speak one language, which is that the gerbera daisy means optimism, cheerfulness, and purity.

Significance and Symbolism

The gerbera daisy symbolizes purity, innocence, and beauty. The most significant characteristic of this flower is its bright, radiant colors, which represent energy and rejuvenation to many. Its colors encourage youthfulness and joy that radiate into the daily lives of individuals. When a person feels down or in sorrow, due to hardships of life, the perfect flower to give to lighten up their spirits and give hope is the gerbera flower.

The gerbera flower is the right present to give to cheer up a broken heart; it has always been a symbol of a bright world filled with pure and undiluted hope. Just as a child sees the world in its beauty and its endless possibilities, the gerbera flower invites everyone to step into that belief and keep a smile through the storm.

The daisy is a pure symbol mentioned and used throughout time and culture. Its bright and attractive colors have created a perfect blend of peace and comfort, making this flower a popular one.

Many cultures turned to the gerbera flower to cheer up the sick; this has led to many hospitals for the terminally ill to plant these flowers in their garden. The regular bloom and clarity of its flowers have been known to reduce stress levels, which gives joy to patients.

Individual Gerbera Daisy Color, Their Meaning and Symbol

The gerbera daisy comes in a variety of colors, which are all pleasing to the eye. People around the world have regularly used all of these variations for a number of reasons. Although not many people realize that these flowers, with its color variation, have individual meanings to it. Below, we bring you a simple explanation of what each color symbolizes:

Yellow Gerbera Flower: In many cultures, yellow symbolizes happiness and vigor, and the gerbera flowers symbolize joyousness. This is a perfect gift to give to those who have had a hard time or those who are depressed and worn out. This flower variation is sure to bring back joy to them.

Red Gerbera Flower: Red has always been a symbol of passion and love, and the gerbera flowers have stuck to this symbolism. For the gerbera, a red flower symbolizes enormous love. Sending this flower out on Valentine’s day or just to your loved ones in a certain way of expressing your passion even without words.

Pink Gerbera Flower: Pink has been used to express admiration over the years, and this variation of the gerbera flower symbolizes approval and regard. Give this to a secret admire or to a role model who you think has inspired who you are or who you plan to become.

White Gerbera Flower: White has always been attached to pure and righteous events, and the gerbera flower has taken this symbol. A white gerbera flower symbolizes virtue and simplicity, which is a perfect gift to send to friends on weddings, baptisms, and christening. They are an ideal addition to the unity and purity of these occasions.

Orange Gerbera Flower: Orange stands for sunshine and brightness, and this variation of gerbera flowers also symbolizes brightness and clarity. This is an option for every garden to always remind you of the clarity and lack of complication that the world naturally has. Give this to a friend and let the brightness of the flowers radiate and seep into them until they glow and smile.

Purple Gerbera Flower: Purple has stood to express, class, and value, which seeps into this variation of flowers. Getting this flower for a role model or someone who you admire or for a secret crush is all you need to show your true feelings.


The gerbera daisy is a flower type from the family of daisies that has become a significant part of the commercial flower market. It can be used for many events, and the color variation is perfect for individual taste. This knowledge should change the way you use this flower as a gift since you now know of its significance and symbolism.

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