Do Red Flowers Meanings Go Beyond Love and Passion?

Do Red Flowers Meanings Go Beyond Love and Passion min FloraQueen Do Red Flowers Meanings Go Beyond Love and Passion?

Red is one of the most popular colours for a bouquet all over the world. Thanks to the power of red roses there’s absolutely question that red flowers are synonymous with romantic messages. However, that’s not the whole picture. Red flower meanings are much more varied and shouldn’t be limited by the stereotype they are only for potential romeos.

What do red flowers symbolise

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It’ll come as no surprise to anyone who’s sent or received red Valentine’s Day roses that these colourful flowers are well renowned as the best way to express your love. Red is commonly seen as a colour of passion and with red blooms, that’s no exception.

Whilst these are the perfect gift for your anniversary or to celebrate a romantic occasion, that only tells half the story.

Do red flowers only symbolise love and passion?

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Of course, there’s a lot more to red than its mainstream appeal as a colour of romance. Red blooms are also symbolic of strength, vitality and family ties.

Red, as the colour of blood, is closely connected to the idea of intrinsic energy and strength of spirit. Blood in this case also symbolises the close bond of family, although due to the much stronger connotations of romance be wary when sending them to closer family members.

What do red bouquets mean in other cultures?

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There are plenty of culturally appropriate times when red cut flowers make a difference as a gift, beyond romantic motives. One such example is International Women’s Day in Russia where red roses are received by women and girls nationwide as a symbol of gratitude and affection.

Perhaps more crucially, red is highly significant in the Far East and China where it is the colour of luck and good fortune. This makes red flowers a potentially brilliant choice of gift to congratulate someone’s successes or wish good health and prosperity.

Additionally, in India and Nepal the colour red features as part of a wedding ceremony when the Bride’s Sari is normally bright scarlet. This makes them an interesting option for a wedding in the region.

What are the most popular red flowers to give as a gift?

Red flowers allow you to do much more than just say I love you, not that that itself is any mean feat. What are your favourite red flowers to share?

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