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The hyacinth flower is a beautiful plant that flowers in the springtime. They flower closely together and give off a wonderful scent, making them a lovely addition to any garden. Hyacinths generally grow in white and purple, which are both classic and versatile colors to pair with other flowers in a bouquet or in a garden. There are many different types of hyacinth, and they grow in different parts of the world, but are native originally to Africa and the Mediterranean. This article about hyacinths covers:

  • Growing Hyacinths in your Garden
  • Giving Hyacinths as a Gift
  • Facts About Hyacinths

Growing Hyacinths in your Garden

A hyacinth plant or plants make a great addition to so many gardens. They are exceptionally easy to grow compared to many other spring bulbs, and they can be grown in bunches or groups so that their visual effect is amplified. Hyacinths come in many different colors, though white and purple are the most common, and they can be grown both outside or inside. They can be grown in many different climates around the world, though it is generally advised to provide some protection for them from frost if growing them in especially cold climates or regions.

Hyacinths do well in many different types of gardens, and they can be used to design or landscape your area and give it some flair. Because they are quite small and compact, hyacinths are a nice choice to grow in a planter. They are also a good choice for rock gardens, and they really thrive in these types of environments. When planting hyacinths, you can plant them so close together that they are nearly touching. Hyacinths do not spread very much if at all, due to their small size, so they are a great flower to use to fill smaller spaces or crannies in your gardens or planters. They can also be grown outside for a period in a pot and then brought into the house or another space if you want to enjoy them inside!

If you want to plant some hyacinths in your garden, the best time to do so is generally in the fall, before it gets too cold in the winter. They need a period of time to chill below the ground before they begin to bloom in the spring. If you are in an especially warm climate, the bulbs require pre-chilling for several weeks before you can plant them. This can be done in a cool and dark environment, or they can even be placed in the fridge, as long as you ensure to keep them some distance away from fresh fruit and vegetables. When planting hyacinths, you should ensure to plant them in an area that receives full sunlight. They do best when planted with fertilizer or compost.

Giving Hyacinths as a Gift

The beautiful hyacinth is a great and versatile option as a gift flower. They make beautiful additions to bouquets and flower arrangements, and they can also be given as bulbs and plants as well. Whatever form you decide to give a hyacinth in can depend entirely on your preferences, or what the recipient of your gift can best appreciate. Hyacinths can often be bought from florists or flower delivery services as a standalone flower, a whole bouquet, or included into a mixed bouquet. Depending on their color, hyacinth flowers are thought to have several different symbolic meanings. For example, purple hyacinths are thought to represent regret, so you may want to be careful giving purple hyacinths as a gift to someone who puts a lot of stock in flower symbolism!

White hyacinths are said to represent peace and love, so this makes them a wonderful gift to congratulate someone on an anniversary, for example. Hyacinths in general are a pretty and fragrant flower, so most people are going to be able to appreciate them as a gift, regardless of what color you send them in. It is also not too common nowadays to have a knowledge of flower symbolism, so it is unlikely to be a problem if you send somebody a bouquet of purple hyacinths, either. While bouquets are lovely to receive, hyacinths are relatively easy to keep and care for in a pot, so you may like to send a hyacinth plant in a pot instead, as these last longer and make for a more enduring gift.

The hyacinth flower has a slightly different fragrance depending on its color, which can make for an interesting gift if you choose to send a mixed variety of hyacinths. If you know somebody who loves perfume, you could choose to send them hyacinth extract or perfume based on hyacinth, as the hyacinth’s scent is a common ingredient in many different perfumes and fragrances. It is also possible to find skincare products made with hyacinth extract, so these can also be a great option for people who especially love the scent of the hyacinth flower.

Hyacinth flowers also make a good addition to flower arrangements, as their stems are not too long. This makes them fairly easy to organize in an arrangement, and their colors and symmetrical appearance mean that they can easily be paired with a vast variety of other flowers. You could choose to send someone a flower arrangement with some hyacinths in it as a beautiful and lavish gift.

Facts About Hyacinths

The hyacinth is an ancient flower originating in the Mediterranean, and it is actually referenced in Ancient Greek mythology. A beautiful young man called Hyacinth was said to have been killed by the gods Apollo and Zeus, who fought for his love. According to the myth, the hyacinth flowers of the world grew where his blood was spilt onto the ground. While they are pretty and elegant flowers that look nothing like vegetables, the hyacinth flower is actually related to the asparagus plant! While these flowers are beloved around the world, today they are grown for the most part in the Netherlands, alongside the tulips that the country is so famed for.

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