Types of Lilies to Add to Your Garden

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If you are planning your garden, you might want to add some lilies. There are approximately 90 species of lilies, and according to Greek mythology, the lily represents innocence and purity. This is the likely reason that these flowers are considered to be some of the most gorgeous in the world.

We are going to take a look at some of the most popular types of lilies including the following:

  • Asiatic hybrids
  • Candidum hybrids
  • Martagon hybrids
  • Trumpet and Aurelian hybrids
  • American hybrids
  • Oriental hybrids
  • Longiflorum hybrids
  • Interdivisional hybrids

Asiatic Hybrids 

The Asiatic hybrid lilies are those that are hardy in the cold. So, as you might guess, they are some of the earliest lilies to bloom in the spring. They can reach a height of up to four feet tall, and have small, unscented flowers when they bloom. These lilies are some of the most commonly found in pots or as cut flowers, and they include Dreamland lilies, Symphony lilies, Orange Pixie lilies, and Connecticut King lilies.

If you plant these lilies in your garden to cut, just make sure that you are taking them when the lower buds are starting to show colors yet have not opened. This gives you the most blooms.

Candidum Hybrids 

These are some of the oldest lilies, and date back thousands of years. The first was a version of the gorgeous, white Madonna lily. Evidence of these lilies have been found in the areas of Ancient Greece, Crete, and Mesopotamia. They are native to the eastern Mediterranean region, and today, includes most of the well-known European varieties including June Fragrance, which is the most notable and most beautifully scented.

Martagon Hybrids

These are also known as Turk’s Cap lilies, and they are noted for their downward facing, small flowers and leaves, which take on a whorl shape. These, too, bloom earlier than other lilies, and they actually thrive in cooler weather. They can be a challenge to get established in a garden, but once they are established, they often thrive. Some of the Martagon hybrids that you might recognize include the Marhan, which comes from the Netherlands, Backhouse, which came from England, and Paisley, which is a rare heritage lily.

Trumpet and Aurelian Hybrids 

The Trumpet and Aurelian lilies are classified to be in the same division. These flowers bloom from mid to late summer, and the require full sun to really thrive. They do not like frost, so if you live too far north, you must grow them in containers. When grown, these lilies are quite hardy and easy to grow, and some of them can grow quite tall. Some of the most common of these include Black Dragon, Black Magic, Pink Perfection, and Royal Gold.

American Hybrids

There are also American hybrids, which are derived from wild lilies which were grown in North America for centuries. These lilies bloom in late spring in warmer areas and mid-summer in areas that are cooler. Some of these lilies are well-known to the Americans and Canadians out there and include the tiger lily, panther lily, Canada lily, Philadelphia lily, and Turk’s Cap lily.

Oriental Hybrids

The Oriental hybrid lilies were created by crossing other lilies. They have large blooms and stand as tall as 5 feet. The petals are recurved, and the bloom can last into fall. Just note that they do not do well in alkaline soil, so if this is the case in your garden, you will need to treat the soil or plant these in a container. These are some of the most popular lilies, as well as most popular cut flowers in general, thanks to their gorgeous scent. Some of the ones you might know include Star Gazer, Casa Blanca, and Mona Lisa.

Longiflorum Hybrids

You might not recognize the word “Longiflorum,” but you will surely recognize the Easter lily, which is the most famous of these hybrids. The blooms of this lily are large and shaped like a trumpet, and it is quite fragrant. It is actually native to Taiwan and Japan, and it dates back to the 17th century. It is possible to grow these lilies from a seed, but they aren’t extremely hardy when planted in a garden. So, if you want to tackle growing lilies for Easter, you are best to grow them in a container.

Interdivisional Hybrids

Finally, we have the interdivisional hybrid lilies. These were created by crossing lilies belonging to the other divisions. For instance, LA hybrids are those that were created by crossing Asiatic and Longiflorum lilies. OT hybrids are those that were created by crossing Oriental lilies with Trumpet lilies. People have also crossed Oriental lilies with Longiflorum lilies, which has created LO hybrids. All of these hybrids have been created to show off the colors, fragrance, and blooms of the other lilies.

Growing Your Own Lilies

Now that you know about the types of lilies out there, you might be interested to get some tips on growing your own lilies. In general, the growing season for lilies ranges from early spring to late fall, but this entirely depends on the type of lily you are planting and where your home is located.

You should plant bulbs either in the fall or spring, and then make sure they are able to be supported by other flowers, as some of these plants can grow quite tall as they mature. Once the flowers bloom, the lilies can get top heavy, so you might need to stake them in some way.

Some lilies are very easy to grow from a seed, including Longiflorum hybrids, but just keep in mind that t can take several years for these flowers to bloom. Try to create the perfect environment for them if you are going to add them. For instance, some lilies prefer shade while others prefer sun.

With beautiful, bright colors, a variety of shapes, and a stunning fragrance, lilies are an easy to grow flower that can make an impact in any garden or bouquet.

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