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Send fresh flowers to Netherlands

Send flowers to the Netherlands

Send flowers to Netherlands

One could say that the Netherlands is the capital of flowers, since we are talking about the world’s main producer of flowers. In Holland, the flower industry is hugely important, and every city is home to major flower markets, with an unquestionable leader, that is, the tulip of course. If you have never visited the Keukenhof tulip gardens, then you need to add it to your bucket list. It is truly a sight to behold!

Flowers are such an important part of Dutch tradition, so sending flowers to the Netherlands through an online florist is the best choice to show affection to your loved ones. The Dutch will greatly appreciate the gesture, particularly when you show you are thinking of them from another part of the world!

Sending gifts has never been easier than through our online flower shop. Why is that? Because we have hundreds of ideas, from gift baskets to tonnes of flowers for sale online, all perfect ways to make that special day just that extra bit special. And all just a couple of clicks away.

We can boast a selection of the best local florists throughout Holland, meaning that we will only deliver bouquets of the very highest quality. As an added bonus, these florists work super speedily, meaning that same day flower delivery with FloraQueen is available should you need it. No more waking up on your Mum's birthday and realising there's nothing you can do to get her a gift!

So, there’s no excuse! Our huge range of gift ideas mean that you can celebrate any occasion and send gifts internationally.

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