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Send Flowers to the Netherlands

Send flowers to the Netherlands

Send flowers to Netherlands

One could say that the Netherlands is the capital of flowers, since we are talking here about the world’s main producer of flower buds. In the Netherlands, the flower industry is taken very seriously, and every city is home to major flower markets, with an unquestionable leader, that is, the tulip of course.

Flowers are part of the Dutch economy and tradition, so sending flowers to the Netherlands through FloraQueen is the best choice to show affection and love to your loved ones. The Dutch will greatly appreciate the gesture, particularly with the unexpected surprise of a place that delivers flowers even when you are in another part of the world!

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, a city of fishing origin but of worldwide renown. Therein lies one of the most important historical centres in Europe. Amsterdam has one of the most unique flower markets in the Netherlands, founded in the 18th century. Even if you cannot visit this flower market in person, you can always have flowers delivered to Amsterdam thanks to FloraQueen’s international flower delivery service.

Famed for having the largest port in Europe, and located on the River Rhine, in Rotterdam you can find a great variety of flowers. Known as the Dutch city of architecture, visitors can also enjoy all kinds of cultural activities there. A lively city where people like to celebrate everything, flower deliveries in Rotterdam are a very common part of these celebrations.

The Hague is an international city of paramount importance as it is the headquarters of many international organisations, such as the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court. The city is also home to people of many different nationalities and traditions, but who share a fascination for flowers as a sign of respect, affection, as well as a source of decoration for important events. In fact, most of the flower deliveries in Holland are sent to The Hague.

Known for its famous cathedral, Utrecht was an important religious centre in which several 15th-century cathedrals and churches still remain and are used for the celebrations of weddings and other religious services.

It is traditional to give flowers at some of these celebrations, whether a wedding or a baptism. Sending flowers to Holland is the best token of affection on that special day.

Eindhoven is considered the greenest city in the Netherlands, where you can find parks and gardens of great beauty, and hence flower deliveries to Eindhoven are quite frequent as tokens of appreciation, affection or even as an apology.

Tilburg is a city of tremendous beauty where you can visit Wandelbos Park, one of the most beautiful parks in the Netherlands, among many other places. Walking around with your partner and crossing the central lake is the perfect occasion to give them a bouquet of tulips prepared by FloraQueen, leaving them lost for words.

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