Look Ahead to Spring – Plants and Flowers for the New Season

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Bright flowers are the surest sign of spring approaching, happy thoughts of sunny, warm days are the perfect antidote to grey skies. But just what are the perfect spring flowers to help you shake off the winter blues? Look ahead to the spring with these plants and flowers.

Think pretty and think delicate, these are the shades of spring. Whether you choose to go for pretty pastels such as Cherry Blossom or vibrant brights like Daffodils and Tulips – the choice is yours. A hint is enough to welcome in the new season. Like fashion, flowers come and go with the seasons and the spring season is the best time for new shades.

  • Spring Flowers For The Garden
    Flowers are often the first thought when we think about spring, but we often forget about the trees and their role is just as vital at this time of year. Fresh green buds on a branch herald the sign of new life as much as plants pushing through the soil, for some colour try Cherry Blossom and its pretty confetti petals or the elegant Magnolia tree. Not forgetting fruit trees whose blossom is very significant in the spring time, just as much as the fruit is in the autumn. Try early blooming summer plants in the garden for a burst of sneaky summer colour. Azaleas and their bright colour pop of pink look amazing in a garden border and hint at the warmer weather to come and offer a cheery outlook when the weather still hasn’t reached its peak. In your garden you can try some early spring flowers that are annual – leaving you free to just enjoy them when they suddenly sprout from the ground – a beautiful reminder that winter is on its way out!
    Of course at this time of year is when creatures come out of their winter resting period and get busy again. You can help these creatures awaken and get back into the swing of things by planting some flowers that can welcome them into the garden, certain varieties attract bees, butterflies, ladybirds and other creatures and of course this is great for the plants too. Wildflowers such as Cowslips, Bluebells and Forget-Me-Not can carpet an area in an array of colours that look fabulous and are low maintenance too.
  • Spring Flowers for The Home
    Nothing brightens up a room more than a flowering plant on a table or windowsill, allowing the spring into your home has never been easier. Not forgetting the power of a flowers’ scent and how it can induce the feel good vibe. The heady scent of a Hyacinth and the bright violet flash of a Dwarf Iris look and smell stunning in a bouquet.
    In the home the best flowers for the season have to be cheerful and bright. Try and stick to a uniform colour – i.e. all bright or all pastel, the bouquet won’t look very spring like if you mix it up, create a display with same coloured blooms in tiered pots and blend the varieties. Use Daffodils, Tulips and Crocus for example for a stunning and vivid decoration. White flowers offer a clean and fresh look to a display – add a pastel shade flower to the display for an awakened feel to your home. Never underestimate the impact a single stem, such as a Delphinium, can have in a vase.  Leave the foliage on the plant for an extra depth to your display as the green compliments the bright colours perfectly.

This season is synonymous with celebration, Easter and Passover are only around the corner and spring is part and parcel of these symbolic events, the celebration of new life is in abundance everywhere and none more traditional than the flowers we share. It’s easy to share your spring celebration with someone who is far away – sending them some spring flowers is a cheery reminder for them that you are thinking about them.

With these tips you can guarantee that you are firmly shutting the door on the winter months and can look forward to the new season of Sunshine!

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