Top Air-purifying Indoor Plants for Sale

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Plants are purchased for a variety of reasons. While many people purchase them for their aesthetic appeal, there are many practical reasons for having certain plans. For example, if you have a garden at home, you may notice that certain pests give you a hard time with certain flowers. In such a case, you could consider partner planting. In doing this, you would pair the troubled plants with others that repel the pests you’re having trouble with.

Indoor plants make an amazing addition to any home. While you should always ensure that your plants complement the look and feel of your home, it’s also a great idea to get plants that help with your air quality. Purified air makes for a more relaxing experience for you and your guests. This is a look add the following five air-purifying indoor plants you should consider purchasing:

• Pothos
• ZZ Plant
• Rubber Tree
• Peace Lily
• Aloe Vera


One of the great things about pothos is that they are perfect for people who aren’t the best at caring for flowers. The low maintenance nature of the plant means that it requires minimum special care. Space can become quite a concern for this plant, so you may at least need to trim it. It is initially a small plant, but it has trailing vines that can grow to lengths of over 10 feet. You can imagine how this could be a problem if the requisite space isn’t available.

Growing pothos is very easy, and it can survive in areas where the air is dry, and light is low. Despite all this, the plant still maintains its ability to purify the air you breathe. It may be an asset for you to learn how to propagate the plant if you want more than one. Now is a good time to indicate that this plant is very unlikely to win any awards for its pet-friendliness.

ZZ Plant

This is yet another in the array of indoor plants for sale, for those who are not very good at plant care. The ZZ plant is incredibly hardy, as it requires a low level of maintenance, and it can survive in very harsh conditions. Not only is a lack of light a non-factor, but drought conditions are no problem for the ZZ.

This is not because the plant doesn’t need water. The composition of the plant includes a set of large rhizomes, which are very efficient at storing all the water that the plant needs when water is available. By doing this, surviving in dry conditions becomes less of an issue. You can look at this in the same manner as you would conserving a sparse resource for when it is needed.

Note that the ZZ plant is synonymous with meanings of friendship and prosperity. Therefore, not only can you use it to improve your own air quality, but you can also gift the plant to a friend, so that the person may do the same.

Rubber Tree

Based on the name and even at first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this plant is not real. The aesthetic of the leaves is enough for you to understand where the word “rubber” comes from in the name. This is yet another option that is suitable for those who are not very good at the plant care routine. Many people forget to ensure that plants get the required water, which then leads to wilting away and death.

If you have a rubber tree, however, then underwatering is not necessarily a problem. On the contrary, overwatering is much more of a threat. The difference between this and a couple of the other hardy options, though, is that rubber trees must get bright light to thrive. Additionally, there needs to be adequate space for the plants to both sit comfortably and perform its air-purifying role.

Peace Lily

This is where things take a turn away from the hardier plants. There is a certain level of care required if you want to keep a peace lily alive. Once you can do so successfully, then this is one of the top air-purifying plans you can have in your home. Put simply, the Peace Lily requires a steady balance between overwatering and underwatering, and it must get a balance of both sunlight and shade.

If you’re allergic to pollen, then the peace lily is not a suitable plant for you. Note that this plant handles its oxygen production on a schedule that is the reverse of others. Traditionally, plants produce oxygen during the day. However, the peace lily does so at night while removing various air pollutants.

Aloe Vera

It’s time to return to the world of the hardy plants. Once an aloe Vera plant gets going, many people routinely forget that it needs care at all. Even so, the plant still manages to thrive well. Based on the aloe vera’s inclusion here, it’s clearly an air-purifying plant. However, the aloe vera also has other uses, which have led to its moniker as a healer.

The plant produces a liquid that has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it a perfect natural remedy for a series of different issues. While there are other uses, it is mostly used to deal with various skin conditions. Apart from enjoying the full sun, it doesn’t have any specific care requirements, so it shouldn’t be a problem for you to keep it alive.


Air quality is tremendously more important than many people realize. Breathability is a necessary part of any living space. While ventilation can contribute greatly to this, certain indoor plants foster better air quality naturally. Five such indoor plants for sale were discussed above that you can consider getting for better air. The good thing is that most of these plants don’t require you to go to the ends of the earth in terms of care.

If you’re wondering what these plants do to purify the air, it comes from the removal of several gases and substances. The most popular among these are xylene, trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, and benzene.

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