Aphrodisiac flowers and plants

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We all love flowers and plants for their natural beauty and their ability to put a smile on our face, even on the bleakest of days. What many of us may not be aware of are aphrodisiac flowers and the powers that they posess. Intrigued? Well, read on!

aphrodisiac flowers and plants



When looking at a root of ginseng, what do you think it resembles? If you are thinking that it has a slightly rude shape, then you aren’t alone. The practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine actually believed that the phallic shape of a root of ginseng helped to give it its aphrodisiac powers! Whilst of course the shape doesn’t give it special powers, this root does in fact boost the libido of those who consume it. It contains compounds which improve physical performance and increase energy, which are both key to boosting the libido.



This plant has been known for its health benefits for centuries. It was first used by the Native Americans to help cure all sorts of illnesses. However, it is perhaps most well known for producing hormones which increase our appetite for sex. By ingesting the plant, the chemicals get into our bloodstream to boost our sexual desire and also fight against impotence.


sunflower aphrodisiac flowers

The sunflower is a beautiful flower and as we saw in our previous blog post, it has the ability to grow up to over 8m high! It is lesser known for its ability to sexually stimulate us. It is able to do so as a result of its high vitamin E content. All that needs to be done to feel the effects of these aphrodisiac flowers is to make a tea of the flower’s petals.


lavender aphrodisiac  aphrodisiac flowers

Lavender’s gorgeous scent has made it an incredibly popular flower. It is therefore used in fragrances of all varieties. However, were you aware of its ability to stimulate sexual arousal? Many scientific studies have proven that women who wear a lavender fragrance are more sexually appealing to men. Little wonder it has been known for centuries as the ‘herb of love. Do you know why this may be? Well, it’s said that it reduces stress in the body, whilst at the same time increasing the blood flow. Both are important contributors to sexual arousal. Of all the aphrodisiac flowers, lavender has been proven to be the most effective!


cacao smoothie aphrodisiac flowers

Cacao is the main ingredient in chocolate, but its major benefits are only seen whilst in its natural unprocessed state. Cacao possesses a chemical called phenethylamine, which is known to release endorphins and other chemicals which stimulate pleasure. These are otherwise only released when we fall in love and during sexual activity, so it is clearly a powerful chemical. A great way to enjoy cacao is mixed with milk. So why not make a delicious cacao and maca aphrodisiac smoothie? Just put bananas, cacao, milk and maca put in a blender and you can have one ready in only a couple of minutes. We are sure this makes the perfect drink for those steamy anniversary nights!


aphrodisiac flowers guarana

The guarana berry is known to give whoever takes them a lot of energy. Did you know that each berry contains twice as much caffeine as a coffee bean? The berries are to said to increase endurance and create a warming sensation inside. However we wouldn’t advise you to take too many because they have some lets say, ‘not so sexy’ side effects!


aphrodisiac flowers basil

We saw the medicinal powers of basil in a previous blog. What we didn’t mention then are the aphrodisiac powers that basil oil contain. Do you want to become irrestible? Simply apply a few drops externally or add some to a bath and they will not be able to take their hands off you!


aphrodisiac flowers mint

Before a night with your partner it’s possible that you try to have a minty mouth. However, most people aren’t aware of the aphrodisiac power that the plant possesses. The first way in which it acts as an aphrodisiac is that it warms the blood. This improves supply of oxygen-rich blood to the sexual organs and therefore boosts the desire of both partners. Additionally, the smell of peppermint has been said to boost the sexual imagination of women. So, top FloraQueen tip, always have a packet of gum in your pocket, you never know when you may need to be minty fresh!

Which of these flowers or plants surprises you most for the powers that it possesses? We’d love to hear from you! 


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