Louisiana State Flower: Magnolia Is the Symbol of Strength

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The state of Louisiana is situated over the United States Gulf of Mexico at the entrance to the Mississippi River and is bordered by the states of Arkansas in the north, Mississippi on the east and Texas on the west.

French colonists initially colonized Louisiana in the 18th century, which explains the slightly noticeable French origin in the state’s name. It has become part of US soil during a historical 1803 takeover and was accepted in 1812 as part of the Union.

Louisiana’s capital is the city of Baton Rouge. It is also the birthplace of Louisiana’s landmark port city of New Orleans, known for its distinctive cuisine, jazz, and dramatic Mardi Gras celebration.

Like all the other states, Louisiana State has its flower associated with it: the serene and magnificent magnolia blossom that is a treat for the eyes and the senses. It was appointed as Louisiana’s state flower in 1900.

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* What Are the Most Interesting Facts to Know about Louisiana?

* What Is the Etymological Meaning of Magnolia Flower?

* When Must One Offer Magnolia?

* Main Characteristics of Magnolia Flower.

* What Is the Color Significance of Magnolia Flower?

What Are the Most Interesting Facts to Know about Louisiana?

Louisiana became part of the union in 1812. You can find in this state, the famous Louisiana State Capitol, built-in 1932, which is the tallest of all the buildings on the state capitol, at 34 floors high and 450 feet tall. Senator Huey Long was murdered in a hallway on September 8, 1935.

Louisiana State is a land with a rich diversity of cultures. Two main groups are the Central American Cajuns, the descendants of a francophone group of Canada‘s Acadians, and Creoles, individuals of Spanish, French, Caribbean, African, and Indian descent.

In 1803, Jefferson bought the Louisiana territory – an area of 828,000 square feet of land between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains – from the French, thereby effectively twice doubling the overall size of the United States.

What Is the Etymological Meaning of Magnolia Flower?

A botanist from France called Pierre Magnol (1638 to 1715) assisted in helping scientists to identify plants that were part of families and not only species. The actual flower’s name is referring to him.

The ancient Chinese started to call magnolias by another name well before the 1600s. They based their appellation on what the taxonomists and botanists have been calling Magnolia officials, the so-called ‘hoopo.’

Magnolia is a famous symbol of “Saint Fleur,” which was one of the first religious nuns who, in 1300, left her monastery to serve patients. As a native of Auvergne, she practiced her skills at the hospice of Beaulieu, not far from Rocamadour. She was able to use some mystical ecstasies and numerous miracles were credited to her. She passed away in 1347.

For all these reasons, the original significance of magnolia is strength. It is a symbol of force, purification, and love.

When Must One Offer Magnolia?

Magnolia is a bloom that can be a good gift for various occasions. It is also a good idea to offer magnolias to express to a person how highly they are respected, how joyful they are, or how much love you feel for them. It is possible to offer it anytime.

However, you can also offer it for special events. For example, to propose to someone, magnolias can stand for the promise of undying love and faithfulness. This means that you can also present them during the ceremony to make vows. An anniversary is also a good time to give a bouquet of beautiful magnolias. You can tell the person who is celebrating his or her birthday exactly how happy you are to have him or her there.

The blossom of magnolia is an attractive and fashionable gift to offer to any special person. It has numerous meanings and can be offered on various occasions.

Main Characteristics of Magnolia Flower

The flowers, as well as magnolia bark, were used in Chinese traditional medicine for ages. Nowadays, magnolia blossoms and bark are available in pills, herbal teas, powders, and tinctures. However, there have been limited clinical studies on the benefits of the medical uses of the magnolia flower.

Be very cautious when applying magnolia-based medicines to your body for the first time. Pregnant women should not take any complementary medication that contains magnolia. You may find pollen in any preparation made with magnolia herbs or flowers. Therefore, anyone suffering from pollen allergy must avoid consuming herbal remedies containing magnolia.

Traditionally, magnolia flowers are believed to help fight against pulmonary problems, nasal discharge, period cramps, muscle relaxation, and digestive disorders such as constipation.

In the Russian Federation, herbalists often consume the bark of magnolia trees by dipping it in vodka.

What Is the Color Significance of Magnolia Flower?

While magnolia flowers are better known for their white flowers, some varieties have pink, yellow or purple petals. In contemporary paganism and Wicca, the flower colors are used to depict some goddesses.

The white color stands for the moon, moon goddess, and any spells cast on Mondays. The yellow color represents the goddess or god of the sun and spells on Sunday. The pink symbolizes womanhood, friendship, and love. The spells using pink are the best spells cast on Friday, as it is the feast day of Venus and Aphrodite. The purple is related to kingship since Roman times. It is also the best color for government-related spells.

The magnolia plant is believed to be one of the first blooming plants to grow on earth. Scientists from the San Francisco Botanical Garden Society believe that magnolia trees existed on earth 100 million years earlier. All magnolias have evolved in the same manner. Old magnolias are still recognizable as a type of magnolias. This is proof of how this flower is resistant and has figured out a good way to survive. The original significance of magnolia is strength. It is a symbol of force, purification, and love.

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