The Most Thoughtful Love Coupons to Offer on Special Occasions

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A love coupon is an original concept, funny, romantic, cheap gift (since it’s free!) and which can, most certainly, please your lover. Indeed, you offer a love coupon on the occasion of an anniversary, a wedding anniversary, a Valentine’s Day, etc. When the day of love comes around, it’s time for many couples to think about the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. It should be sentimental without being too corny or impersonal. What could be more romantic than a coupon book with personalized messages?

As you read this, you can discover the following:

• The Principle of the Coupon Book
• How to Create the Perfect Love Coupon Book
• Best Valentine’s Day Coupon Ideas for Your Wife
• Best Gifts for a Valentine’s Day

The Principle of the Coupon Book

The idea is crystal clear. All you have to do is create a small notebook with gift vouchers. To create your book of love tickets, first, cut out pieces of paper (colored for example) the size of business cards, make two holes at one end, and connect all the sheets with two ribbons. Besides, you can make this book more beautiful and personal by decorating it. All you have to do is write a small descriptive message on the first sheet, such as: “My love notebook,” ” daily world,” “love book,” as well as the name of your darling/sweetheart. And above all…fill it in!

How to Create the Perfect Love Coupon Book

For the “lover’s coupon book,” the photo album seems to be the most appropriate. Each coupon can be detached from the book. Depending on the desired size, select when creating A4, A5, or A6 landscape. Once you choose the format and number of pages, all that remains is to create the design of the book. If you run out of coupon ideas during creation, don’t worry, you can adjust the number of pages in the book as you go along.

When designing the romantic coupon book itself, the sky is the limit. Put your creativity into words. Lots of options offer a wide variety of templates that can be customized with just a few clicks to fulfill all your wishes. It is advisable to use a double page for each coupon. This way, you can place one or more photos on one page and the voucher as text on the other side. Also, you can find numerous design templates in different colors, shapes, and a wide variety of themes.

Best Valentine’s Day Coupon Ideas for Your Wife

You can create a lovely coupon book for your partner in a playful way, rather than just having monotonous vouchers. A background in pastel tones can be perfect for this. A beautiful typeface can be very elegant here, but make sure that the coupons are always readable. The “Monotype Corsiva” font, which is installed on most computers, should be perfect. But what kind of romantic coupon should you put in your book? This is primarily a matter of taste, but we offer a few ideas. How about a card for:

• A romantic weekend getaway for two.
• A bubble bath.
• A day at the spa.
• A beautiful colorful bouquet.
• A kitsch movie night. With your choice of movie and popcorn.
• A foot massage.

If you want to surprise your man with excellent individual coupons for Valentine’s Day, your book should be rather classic, modern, and simple enough in its design. Monochrome backgrounds work very well here. When selecting the font, you can opt for simpler versions. Please note that this type of coupon is not only for lovers. You can also offer a book of cards to your best friend any day of the year. In this case, you can provide tickets for a shopping day, for ice cream with friends, a manicure, or something similar.

Best Gifts for a Valentine’s Day

What is good about these Valentine’s Day coupons is that you can give a whole bunch of gifts to your sweetheart without spending a penny (or almost). Like breakfast in bed, served on a platter with a big smile, a personalized surprise, a one-hour massage, a romantic weekend, a moment just for two like a movie, a concert, a restaurant, a home party, or even the gift of your dreams are available on FloraQueen.

As a couple, you’re planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner, and you’d like to find her a beautiful gift, but you don’t have a lot of money either. If you don’t want to make a hassle out of it, check out our original and inexpensive ideas.

A compliment jar: Why don’t you make a compliment jar for your beloved one? All you need is a glass jar and some small papers on which you write a compliment to your cherished one. Then he/she can use it whenever he/she wants, when he/she misses you or when he/she is not feeling well.

A book of love coupons: Fitting for a cuddle, ideal for a languorous kiss, perfect for a naughty massage, suitable for a shower for two, good for the dish of your choice. The book of love vouchers is a Valentine’s Day gift as old as the world, but it’s still enjoyable. It can be already done, but you can also do it yourself, for even more authenticity and to add a few ideas of your own.

Wax hearts: Hang these translucent hearts on a window to let the February sunshine through and brighten up your room. These wax and paper hearts can be made very quickly by melting coloring pencils on waxed paper with an iron. Then cut out the hearts!

Hearts to sow: A perfect idea for botany lovers. Offer paper hearts filled with seeds to plant. Once underground in the spring, your heart can turn into pretty, colorful flowers.

Paper fortune cookies: You can make shiny paper fortune cookies with little love messages on them. A great idea for a family dinner with our loved ones!

A bottle in the sea: Write a beautiful message on a piece of paper, which you roll up and slip into a nicely decorated glass bottle. Then give it to your loved one. A romantic way to offer a love letter!

Want to surprise your beloved one with an original Valentine’s Day gift? The key is to create this Valentine’s Day notebook or love coupons and share a special moment every month with your partner. Spoil your sweetheart without breaking the bank with our do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day gift idea! The idea is quite simple, make a Valentine’s Day notebook. This one contains 12 small vouchers, one for each month. Each of the coupons describes an activity to do as a couple. Give the booklet to your beloved one and let her choose one of the events in the booklet each month. No more routines ! With the love notebook, put your relationship on the right track. Here are a few of the activities in the checkbook: having breakfast in bed, playing video games, shopping together, kissing in the wild. The best thing about this Valentine’s Day is that it requires very little material: cardboard to print the notebook, a pair of scissors, a punch, string.

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