The 7 worst types of gift to receive

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We have all received bad gifts at some point in our lives, haven’t we? Due to the sheer number of uncles, aunties and relatives who we don’t know very well, we are sure to have received a gift that they think would be great, which in reality will have spent the rest of its life in the back of your cupboard!  We present you with a selection of the worst types of gift that we are sure most of us have received during our lifetimes! Have you ever been unfortunate enough to receive any of these or something similar?

The 7 worst types of gift that you’ve received

the age inappropriate gift

worst gifts bieber

Unfortunately in life Grandmothers forget that their adorable little grandchildren grow up, so even well into our teenage years we were all receiving gifts appropriate for an 8 year old. So I’m sure you’ve had a case as in this example here, when you opened a present to find something that you’d have got if you were 10 years younger. Was a duvet cover with Justin Bieber’s face smiling up at you not what you were expecting on your 18th birthday? Just grin, thank her and change the sheets when she comes over, she’ll never know!

the overly practical gift


You may tell a relative that you want something that will be useful, but what you mean when you say this is that you would like a new wallet or purse. However, some relatives will take this literally and will get you something very practical, but which you really don’t want to receive as a gift on your birthday or at Christmas. Your heart sinks when you see the height of practicality appear in the box; a set of kitchen knives. It’s true that it’s always useful to have a knife handy in the kitchen, but, we would all prefer some nice leather!

the accidently inappropriate gift

worst gifts pyjamas

We all have those older relatives who aren’t quite in touch with the modern world. They may think that they are being sweet and gifting you a lovely present without quite understanding the significance. For example, in this instance a Grandmother thought she was giving her 10 year-old granddaughter a pair of pyjamas with “cute bunnies” on, without having any idea that they were playboy bunnies and not quite the appropriate gift for a 10 year-old child! Needless to say, Mum ensured that these somehow managed to get lost.

the fake designer gift 

worst gifts perfume

Do you have that family member who wouldn’t realise that when buying something made by Dolce & Banana or Amporio Armani that it wasn’t quite legitimate? Whilst of course they are trying to get you a nice high quality gift, if they were to get you a perfume you certainly won’t be able to use it when you go out! However, you needn’t despair, at least this bottle could be repurposed as in this photo as a make shift vase for some flowers.

the T-shirt with a terrible slogan

worst gifts t shirt

Be honest. Has a t-shirt with a slogan on ever made you laugh? No, us neither! So when your relative presents you with a t-shirt with the slogan, “i-pood” you are just thinking of the excuse for not being able to wear it next time you see them. Do you reckon they’ll believe that you loved it so much that it’s worn out? Hm, maybe it’s worth coming up with something else, just in case!

the practical joke


In every family there is one sadistic uncle, so its very possible that you have received a present like this. He hands you an enormous box and you think hey, this will be a great present. So you open the first box to find another box. OK, surely the actual present is inside the second one? Is there a present inside the second box? No just another box and inside that box.. nothing! If this happens you had better get payback the following year! 

the granny style underwear

bad gift underwear

Clothes never make good gifts and an even worse gift idea than clothes are underwear, there is never an occasion when they a good idea for a gift. From getting the correct style, to size and colour, it’s an impossible task! Bless them for trying, but maybe next time just ask for a gift card so you can get your own!

What is the worst gift you have ever received? Did you manage to force a smile and convince them that you actually loved it? If so, congratulations!

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