What’s in our September survival kit?

September survival kit

Winter is coming. That’s a fact and now that August is over it’s coming sooner than many of us would like. September is often seen as a negative month with schools starting back, holidays and summer coming to a slow end but we’ve come up with a few ways to help you beat back the negativity and make September a truly super month. See what’s in our own “survival kit” of flowers and gifts that will be able to cheer you or your friends and family up as they make the transition back to normality after their holidays.

A basket of sweetness

Golden wishes

A little sweetness goes a long way when you’re feeling deflated after your holidays. That’s why this cute basket of cava, caramels, cookies and a stuffed teddy with a bow are the perfect surprise for someone who is struggling to get back to the grind. Take a moment for a little indulgence with these sweet treats and cuddly friend who can comfort someone in the throws of the September blues.

Some bright colours

Super September Bouquet


A little colour can save the day on occasions and that is especially the case when those colours come in the shape of fresh bright flowers and a free vase. With bright red and pink roses, white lilies and complimentary greenery that’ll easily bring a smile to someone’s face and brighten up a room into the bargain. Flowers around the home have a special magic when it comes to making people feel more positive so this is an essential part of our September survival kit.  

Chocolate. Lots of Chocolate

Orange delight

Basically chocolate makes everything better and this box of sumptuous Lindor chocolates would make a perfect surprise alone, although to make the surprise even better there are flowers thrown in too. These flowers also capture the beauty of Autumn with the mix of warm and bright orange gerberas, lilies and roses. The warmth of the colour and the luxury of the chocolate will be able to make even the darkest September seem a little brighter.

A little self-care

Romantic spa

With so much to do after the laid back summer months, self-care might be at the back of your mind but this shouldn’t be the case. Help someone take a moment for themselves and enjoy a little romance with this excellent blend of a rose, bath salts and exfoliating soap and regenerating lotion. A little self-love at this time of year can go a long way.

A little freshness

Sunny elegance orchid

An orchid could be the perfect way to brighten up someone’s September with its sunny colour and elegant shape. Orchids are among the most opulent of flowering plants with an almost regal bearing thanks to their refined appearance and they are a favourite for people who are recovering from an illness. There’s a very good reason for that too, as studies have shown that plants like these have stress relieving effects on people as well as an ability to improve the focus of individuals and crucially to avoid the worst of seasonal ailments as they help change the level of humidity in a room. So with this, you’ll be able to avoid colds and flus better long into the winter months.

As you can see we’ve covered all the bases with our September survival kit, including everything you need to make September a super month instead of the usual shock of returning to the reality of work and school. Hopefully, these ideas will help make the transition back to reality from the summer holidays a little smoother.

At FloraQueen we have a wide catalogue of gifts and flowers for numerous occasions. Perhaps you want to help someone have a super September birthday or anniversary by sharing some of our survival kit ideas? View our full selection of gifts here.

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