How to Say Dad in Different Languages

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He helped you learn to ride your bike, hugged, and comforted you when you had a bad dream, but more importantly, he was there for you when no one else was. He is your dad, father, papi, whatever you want to call him – he is every daughter’s first love, and every son’s first best friend.

This coming Father’s Day, we share how to say “dad” in languages from around the world. What better way to surprise your dad in the language he grew up learning or speaking? Show him you care and love him by surprising him by saying this powerful word, “dad.”

In this article, we are going to cover how to say dad from:

  • European countries
  • Asian countries
  • Other major countries

European Countries

Did your dad grow up in Croatia? Maybe he grew up speaking Catalan, but now the language is slowly fading into extinction – whatever, the language, here are ways to say “dad” in a European language.

Bosnian – tata

Bulgarian – tatko

Catalan – pare

Danish – daddy

Estonian – isa

French – papa / pere

German – vati

Hungarian – apu

Icelandic – pabbi

Irish – daidi

Italian – papa

Maltese – daddy

Norwegian – papa

Polish – tatus

Portugese – papai

Russian – papa

Serbian – tata

Spanish – papi

Swedish – papa

Welsh – dadi

Asian Countries

Whether he is from China, Japan, or Korea, here is how to say “dad” in any Asian language.

Chinese – ba

Filipino – tatay

Hindi – pita

Hmong – txiv

Indonesian – ayah

Kazakh – akem

Korean – abeoji/appa

Kurdish – bav

Lao – pho

Samoan – tama

Sinhala – tatta

Tamil – appa

Thai – phx

Vietnamese – cha

Other Major Countries

Did we miss a country?

Here are some other countries and how they say “dad” that can come in handy!

Afrikaans – papa

Hausa – daddy

Igbo – papa

Somali – abo

Yoruba – bab

Javanese – daddy

Maori – teti

Father’s Day Gift Ideas 

You’ve learned how to say “dad,” now in an array of languages, so are you looking for gift ideas to get your dad for Father’s Day?

Here are some great Father’s Day gift ideas that your papi is sure to appreciate!

Cold brew coffee maker – Looking for a gift that is sure to keep your dad awake or rather wake him up to take you to hockey or basketball practice? Buy him a cold brew coffee maker. It is compact, easy to use, and great for those early morning cravings.

Frank’s Hot Sauce – Limited in funds? If there is one thing that dads seem to enjoy, it is Frank’s Hot Sauce. If you are looking for one that is going to take his breath away, visit Amazon and check out the 64 oz bottle.

Carbon Fiber Record Brush – Has your dad dusted out his old vinyl’s and started playing throwback tunes from his childhood? This Father’s Day, why not get him a Crosley Carbon Fiber Record Brush? This is an excellent accessory for anyone dad who enjoys vinyl.

Baseball Cap – Does your dad have a ratty and worn-down cap he refuses to give up? Why not replace this cap with a new one? You can pick his favorite sports team, or have it customized to say something personal, such as “#1 Dad.”

Swiss Army Pocket Knife – Is your dad big into the great outdoors? Is your fondest memory with your dad one where he took you camping or hiking? The Swiss Army Pocket Knife is an excellent gift for any dad who enjoys the outdoors. If you are looking to up the ante on this ordinary gift, you can have it engraved with his name or a sweet message.

Shaving Kit – While Gillette may get the job done, there is an array of shaving kits that can make your dad’s grizzly beard feel smooth. Not only that, but a lot of the ingredients in these shaving kits are organic, soft to the skin, not to mention, they smell nice.

How to Show Your Dad He Matters 

Buying gifts is one way of showing your dad he matters, but another way to do so is through actions and words. Some activities that you could do with your dad to show him how much he is appreciated include:

  • A father and son/daughter road trip
  • Golf (or a sport of his choosing)
  • Shopping spree – take him to his favorite store and let him pick out a few things on you
  • Homecooked meal
  • Live performance of their favorite band or performer

If you don’t know what to get your dad, ask him. He may be coy or not want to answer, but if you listen and observe him the days leading up to Father’s Day or his birthday, you are sure to see what it is he wants or what to get him.

Whatever the day, shower your dad with praise and appreciation. From learning his mother-tongue and calling him “dad” in that language, to doing something special for him – your dad is going to appreciate the attention. So often fathers are forgotten, but this Father’s Day, take a moment to show them their value and importance in your life. Give him a card and share your fondest memory of him to date. These little sentimental acts may seem like nothing to you, but your dad is going to definitely appreciate the fact you remember something as silly as him teaching you how to ride a bike or shaving for the first time. You can’t put a price on memories, which is why your dad is going to appreciate whatever it is you give him, especially if it’s a card filled with memories.

Remember that a father does not have to be biologically related to you; rather, a father is any man who steps up to the plate to earn that title of “dad.” We have shared some gifts that your dad is sure to enjoy, but the real reward comes in spending quality time with them. From taking him golfing to making him breakfast in bed – your dad is not concerned with how much you spend on him. He is going to appreciate the thought and effort you put into making his day a special one.

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