Croatia is a beautiful country located in Southeast Europe. It boasts long and sunny beaches, ancient architecture, cultural treasures and folk traditions that would definitely leave one amazed with how wonderful a country it is. The coastal region is a place to go and unwind as you enjoy yourself, the fancy yachts making the experience even better.

The largest city in Croatia is Zagreb, which is also the capital. It a lively metropolis brimming with both modern and historic attractions. Zagreb is right at the heart of Croatian culture, academics and government. Known as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, Dubrovnik is an old city along the Adriatic Sea. Located on the southern tip of Croatia, the city is also rich in history and conserves its old cobblestone streets, defensive walls, palaces and churches. Along the shores of the Adriatic Sea you will also find Pula, a city that used to hold gladiator fights in its amphitheatre.

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