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Zadar is a Croatian city that lies on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Zadar was a bustling port in the Middle Ages, blessed with abundant trading activity with the of the Ancient Greeks, the Etruscans, the Phoenicians, and just about every people on the Mediterranean coast, much to the chagrin of the Venetians. This centre of the Dalmatian Hinterland saw many invaders claim its territory until it became the largest fortified Dalmatian city, building canals, bastions and castles. However, many historical sites, such as the Roman aqueduct and St. Anastasia’s Cathedral, still attest to this city’s troubled past, as well as its rich heritage.

The locals of this tasteful and lively city adorn their windowsills with flowers, and there is a general merriment throughout. Taking a stroll through the old town centre will no doubt expose jovial students skylarking at one of the many local festivals: the Full Moon Festival, the Street Art Festival, the Summer Theatre Festival or the traditional fiesta.

You can join in the celebrations, too, and send a gift via FloraQueen's international flower delivery service for your loved ones to treasure as your flower delivery to Zadar is sure to bring the vibrancy and vitality of this city into their homes.

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