What to Include in a Get Well Soon Gift Basket

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Knowing what to say and how to be more supportive isn’t always easy when someone you know is unwell. There is comfort in knowing that the little things you can do can be very comforting to them. One of these is giving them a get well soon gift basket, and you can even put one together by yourself.

In the following article, we cover what you need to know about creating a get well soon gift basket:

Get Well Soon Gift Ideas

When someone important to you is unwell, you can show your love and support by wishing them well. You can also check in on them and visit them if this is possible. Whether their illness is minor or major, it always makes a difference to the person to have a loving and supportive family and friend base to be there for and with them.

One kind gesture for someone who is ill is to give them a small get well soon gift. This is usually something simple, useful, and thoughtful. The easiest one to give is a card. You can express your thoughts and wishes for them in a nice card that they can read over.

Another idea of a gift you can give is the gift of your time. Time is a very valuable resource, especially in today’s busy world. Your priorities and affections are largely reflected in how you spend your time. If there is someone in your life who could use your help and company in their time of sickness, it can mean so much for them for you to sacrifice your time to be there. If they have a family and children, they could be struggling to cope with all the responsibilities they have. Giving your time to help them with practical matters is a major but often overlooked gift.

Your time isn’t just welcome when there is work to be done. Sometimes it is just the little things such as spending time together and keeping them company that can help to make their time in hospital or bed-bound a little more bearable.

Sometimes it isn’t possible to be there in person to give your time. You can always send a gift their way even from halfway across the world. FloraQueen is a highly popular international flower delivery service. There are many different bouquets to choose from, and you can have these delivered right to your loved one’s door. Currently, we have services in over 100 countries around the world. Our strong partnerships with local florists allow us to deliver fresh flowers in a timely fashion. We also have a range of add-on gifts and cards you can send along with your flower order.

Another gift idea that says, “Get well soon,” in a special way is a gift basket. There are various different forms, which we go over next. We also give you some great tips if you want to create a custom gift basket by hand. Your loved one is surely going to appreciate the love and effort you take to do this.

Types of Gift Baskets

Gift baskets make great gifts on many different occasions. Some types are more appropriate for some occasions than others, so here we go over some gift basket ideas to say get well soon. There are various types that can work, including:

  • Fruit gift basket- This gift is one of the favorite and most given. Fruits are an excellent gift for someone who is sick. These natural treats are easy to eat, packed with nutrients, and helpful even with the changing appetites that people often experience when they are sick. You can find these from your local grocery or other places. The range of different fruits is what makes this basket very appealing. If you know a little about the kind of fruits your loved one likes best, you can use this knowledge to pick the perfect fruit basket.
  • Spa and cosmetic basket- If you want to pamper someone special, then this can be the perfect gift. Most of the time, you might not think of this gift basket as the most meaningful when someone is sick or in recovery. There are, however, many situations when this gift could be just what they need. Take, for example, someone who is home away from work for a few weeks. Maybe they are in minimal pain after an operation but have been advised to stay home and rest for some time. They are probably fit and able and starting to get bored at home. A spa basket can help them spoil and treat themselves guiltfree.
  • A craft gift basket- Similarly, this gift basket isn’t the most common when you think of someone who is ill. If they are well enough to craft and are getting bored from being bedridden, you can certainly cheer them up by reminding them of their hobbies and giving them something to take their minds off their bodies.

How to Create Your Own Get Well Soon Basket

Get well soon gift baskets are widely available, and it just depends on the theme you are after. If you have the time available, it can be a very thoughtful idea to create a personalized gift basket by hand. This allows you to make it unconventional, thoughtful, and unique. The recipient is sure to be surprised by what’s inside and how personalized it is.

The better you know someone, the easier it is going to be to tailor the gift to them. You can include a whole range of items you know they like. You don’t have to stick to one theme and can have items such as healthy snacks, reading materials, craft gear, and crossword puzzles. There are no hard and fast rules. All you need is a basket and a cloth or clingfilm plastic to put on the top of the basket.

There are lots of things you can do and say to someone who is unwell. You can also send your get well soon wishes using a gift. One of the best gifts you can give is a gift basket, and we discuss why you might make your own.

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