Getting to Know FloraQueen’s Summer Flower Collection

Floraqueen summer flower collection title card

It’s July and the summer temperature is hotting up. To help you cool things off a little we’re going to spend some time getting to know FloraQueen’s summer flower collection. With these refreshing summer bouquets you can easily surprise for any birthday, anniversary or to just add a breath of fresh air (and flowers) to someone’s day, even if you’re on vacation!

So what can you find in our summer collection in 2018? We’ve produced a short video showcasing some of the best bouquets of our collection.

Let’s look at some of those featured bouquets in a bit more detail to get acquainted with them better.

Warm Sunshine

sunflower bouquet ray of light floraqueen

This striking sunflower bouquet is brightly coloured but beautiful simple in nature, combining the bright yellows of the sunflowers with a little golden rod and greenery. Give the gift of beautiful sunshine to illuminate someone’s day this summer.

Breath of Colour

Breath of colour bouquet sunflowers and carnations

Our Breath of Colour bouquet of sunflowers, carnations and limonium will be instantly recognisable to anyone who reads our blog regularly, as it was recently featured as our bouquet of the month for June. Combining the bold yellows of the sunflowers with the passionate red of the carnations and exciting tone of purple that the limonium adds to this bouquet this is an arrangement just bursting with positive energy.

Ray of Light

yellow sunflower pink gerbera yellow rose bouquet floraqueen

This bouquet is perfect to give to the light of your life with it’s brilliant yellow and pink colours. Mixing together yellow roses, sunflowers, brash pink gerberas and limonium with greenery it’s a bouquet that’s made for celebrating.

Van Gogh Vision

Van gogh vision bouquet floraqueen sunflowers and orange roses

Some of the most famous flowers in the world world are, of course, Van Gogh’s sunflowers, and that is what partially inspired this delightful bouquet of sunflowers, orange roses and limonium. This loving bouquet is ideal to share with the one you love most on your anniversary to remind your beloved one just how important he or she is to you as you celebrate your time together.

Summer is the perfect time to celebrate just about any occasion and to take advantage of everything nature has to offer. Be sure to make your special days in the summertime extra memorable this year a few of these beautiful flowers from our summer flower collection.

Share our summer collection now from anywhere and deliver to over 100 countries all over the world. Never miss a chance to celebrate a special occasion with flowers even if you’re travelling this summer!

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