6 ideas for the Bank Holiday weekend!

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It’s the second bank holiday weekend of May, which means it’s time for you to lay back and enjoy a three day break with no school or work to do! With the weather forecast predicting cloudy, rainy conditions for much of Saturday, you could be forgiven for expecting more of the traditional British bank holiday weekend – sat indoors sheltering from the rain drinking a cup of tea. Don’t be down though! The forecasts are also predicting dry and warm weather on Sunday and Monday, so you can get out and about and make the most of the extra time off! Here are some of our tips to inspire you to enjoy your long weekend.

RHS Chelsea Flower Show

ideas for bank holiday weekend

One of the world’s most famous flower shows, prepare to be wowed by a visit to the Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show! This year the show is expecting visits from a range of royal names, including a first visit from Prince William and Kate Middleton, so if it is good enough for them, it is probably good enough for you too!

Get inspiration for your own garden or interior design with plants, or simply take in the extraordinary floral sculptures and arrangements which bring Chelsea to life with colour, fragrance and fresh plants. The show has a great atmosphere, and really can’t be missed by anyone with any hint of green fingers!

Picnic in the park

ideas for bank holiday weekend

When the sun comes out and is shining, there’s nothing better than a picnic in the park! Whether it is with friends, a partner, family, or a combination of all three, a picnic is a great way to spend a bank holiday weekend. Be sure to prepare the food before hand, or head to the shops to get some nice treats, and you can relax surrounded by greenery and great food.

A top tip for these activities to make sure you don’t forget the basics, we’re sure you won’t forget the food, plates and cutlery, but don’t forget a blanket for if the ground is still a bit soggy from Saturday’s rain, and something to keep you busy while you spend your afternoon in the park. Maybe a bat and ball if you’re feeling energetic, or just a book if you want to lay back and unwind.

DIY Around the house

ideas for bank holiday weekend

A traditional bank holiday weekend activity, and perfectly suited to Saturday’s grim weather forecast. You know that shelf that you’ve been meaning to put up for years? Or that room you’ve been meaning to paint for ages, but never quite had the time to get round to it? Well, now is your chance!

If you don’t quite fancy such a big challenge all in one weekend, then why not try some smaller, fun DIY activities? In our DIY With Flowers series you’ll find loads of fun, quick and easy activities which you can do on your own, with friends or family and it’s fun for all, and ends up with a beautiful decoration or fashion accessory!

London Wine Week

ideas for bank holiday weekend

Looking for something more sophisticated and classy? Or just want to get drunk? Then London Wine Week comes at the perfect time for you if you’re in the area! With a wide range of over 500 wines from all around the globe, you’re sure to find the perfect flavour for your tastebuds and try several others along the way.

Part of the event also includes tastings and talks all across the capital, whilst for the price of your entrance wristband you also get a host of discounts at other bars and eateries. You could even turn it into a long weekend in London, taking in the sights and enjoying the best wines that the city has to offer!


ideas for bank holiday weekend

With three days, you’ve got just enough time to make the most of the freedom you’ve temporarily got to explore the world! With flights becoming cheaper and cheaper and travel across the world getting easier, you can easily spend a weekend visiting anywhere in Europe. It may seem last minute, but that means you can get some of the best offers as airlines and hotels try to fill their rooms, and the spontaneous nature of it is often part of the fun!

Even if you have other commitments, this weekend is a great time to get planning for future trips or travels. With that bit of extra time, you can find the best deals and investigate to make sure that you can spend your travels in comfort and get as much done as you can!

Catch up on sleep

ideas for bank holiday weekend

It may seem like a waste, but there really is no better opportunity to spend a day in bed and catch up on some much needed sleep! After all those early mornings getting up, travelling to work or school and spending the whole day there, there’s no better feeling than spending a day in bed, doing absolutely nothing, without the guilt of wasting half of your weekend!

Going by the current weather forecast, it could be a great way to spend Saturday morning, to make sure that you are full of energy and life ready for the better weather on Sunday and Monday to get out and make the most of the sunshine this weekend!

Now we’ve given you some inspiration, you can get planning! Knowing you have a great weekend to look forward to almost always ensures that the rest of the week flies by, and before you know it you’ll have arrived at your bank holiday weekend, ready to take advantage and have a great weekend! Enjoy!

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