Budget-Friendly Sympathy Flowers

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The loss, unexpected or not, of a family member or friend can be difficult. For friends and family who experience the loss of a loved one, sending them sympathy flowers can be a way of showing your condolences and sympathy. However, some floral etiquette needs to be considered when sending sympathy flowers, as not all flowers are suitable to be sent during this sensitive and sad time. 

When it comes to sending sympathy flowers for a funeral, if you would like to have them present at the service, it is important to ensure you have the time and date for the ceremony. This helps ensure that the courier can deliver them on time, if not beforehand. If you are more interested in sending sympathy flowers to the person’s home, this can be done at any time and is not time-sensitive. 

Why Choose Flowers?

Sympathy flowers are a beautiful gift and a reminder of someone’s life. They are a treasured gift and can symbolize and represent many feelings and beliefs. Individual flowers can emit a sense of love, passion, and friendship. Not only do flowers evoke many emotions, but they can also help foster and promote a state of well-being and positivity during such hard and emotional times. It can be hard to be emotionally healthy when someone you love passes, which is one of the reasons flowers make a great gift

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The sending of sympathy flowers to a family member or friend is one way of helping them remember that they are cared for and are in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. 

Flowers by FloraQueen 

Are you looking for the perfect budget-friendly sympathy flowers? Here are FloraQueen’s best sympathy flowers to send friends and family of the bereaved. 

White Touch 

This floral bouquet features lilies and roses. Show your condolences with this white angelic floral arrangement. This floral arrangement is ideal for family members and as sympathy flowers. 

White Condolences 

Lilies and gerberas make up this floral arrangement. White flowers have been known to symbolize purity, and though this arrangement is great as sympathy flowers, it can also be sent to friends and family who are welcoming a new baby. 

Bouquet Gerberas and Lisianthus 

This floral arrangement features a splash of color through the Limonium. This floral arrangement is good to send as sympathy flowers, as well as for a funeral service. 

Depending on the style of floral arrangements, the price can vary. Some arrangements are much more than others. Wreaths and floral sprays typically cost more than floral arrangements in vases. If you have been invited to a ceremony, don’t feel pressured to spend much money on flowers. What matters is the thought. Sympathy flowers for a funeral can vary from being $100 and less to upwards of $400, if not more. Remember, when it comes to sending flowers with FloraQueen, it is not the price that matters, it is the thought. The receiver is going to be thankful for the flowers, and it is going to show them that you care. 

How Do I Place an Order? 

Visit our website and check out our online catalog of funeral and sympathy floral arrangements. FloraQueen offers a secure online ordering form through our website. This allows you to place your order and make a payment online. 

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When you place your sympathy flowers for a funeral online, there is the option also to include a card to the arrangement. You can add this note before making a payment. We encourage our clients to place their floral orders a minimum of 24 hours before the expected delivery date. This helps us ensure that your floral arrangement arrives on time. 

FloraQueen does not accept email or telephone orders. If you have any questions during the ordering process or encounter any issues, you can complete a form with your contact information, and a representative is sure to respond as soon as possible. 

Personal and Meaningful Flowers 

After you have placed your order online, FloraQueen offers our customers the ability to personalize the floral bouquets. Are you looking to send sympathy flowers with a personalized card? We offer the option to send a card that you can pick through our online inventory. 

Our add-ons and flowers can be customized to your needs because we understand that when it comes to coping with the loss of a family or friend, it can be hard to express what you are feeling. Let us say what you feel with our floral arrangements. 

Funeral Services or Sympathy Flowers 

Sometimes when you have never had to purchase flowers for a funeral service or sympathy flowers, it can be hard to know what to do. It is important to note that it is never too late to send flowers to the bereaved. Whether it is before or after the news, flowers can be a way to show your support. 

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If you are looking to send flowers for a funeral service, it is recommended that you consult with the family members to ensure that it is okay to send it to the funeral home but if there is anything they would or would not want. Don’t feel pressured to send flowers for a funeral service, though – you can send flowers to the home of the bereaved.

We Make Purchasing Sympathy Flowers Easy

With floral shops in over 100 countries, we are connected to flower shops around the world. What does this mean? It means that no matter where you are or when you are looking to send flowers, we have you covered. Are you looking to send a specific flower? Don’t worry; we ensure our customers’ requests are met. 

Our skilled florists are artists who can take whatever your requests are and turn them into beautiful floral arrangements. Don’t know much about flowers? Don’t worry; we offer an array of resources, posts, and client-representatives who can assist you every step of the way. 

FloraQueen has a reputation that for over 10 years, customers around the world have been sending smiles, birthday wishes and condolences. Trust a floral company that has a reputation that believes in quality.