Your Guide to the Best Thank You Flowers

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When you want to say ‘thank you’ you want to make the best impression to show someone your appreciation. For this reason thank you flowers are one of the best ways to make it happen, allowing you to express a range of feelings visually and to make an impact in the home of your recipient. It can seem difficult to choose the perfect flowers to convey exactly what you want to say to someone, so to help you out we’ve narrowed down the field a little to select the right flowers to express your gratitude.


Gerberas growing

Gerbera Daisies are colourful, bright and fresh. They are just the sort of flowers you need to thank someone who has brightened your life or project with their helpful wisdom. They are also one of the longest lived cut flowers, lasting 2 to three weeks, so they are a great way to leave a lasting impact with your special someone.


Sunflower field

Sunflowers are famous for their ability to track the movements of the sun and in the same way they can help you thank someone who has helped you find direction in your life. Also, as plants that can grow up to 8ft tall, they are a great choice if that someone has helped you achieve growth either personally or in business.


Lilies growing

Lilies are big beautiful and smell great. If you want to appeal to your recipient’s five senses Lilies are sure to do the trick as they tick all the boxes. There are plenty of colours to choose from like pink, white and yellow so you can choose the right hue to suit your greetings. The lily normally portrays passion and purity so this is a great thank you gift for someone who helped you rekindle your energy and find your true calling.

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Hydrangeas have a calming and placid effect and in many ways are a great flower to thank someone for being kind or understanding. They communicate a soft and caring compassion and with their soft floral bunches and their calming light colours like pink and blue they are a great way to say thank you to someone.


Orchids are elegant, bright and carry a feeling of class when they’re at the biggest and fullest. Due to the luxury that these plants communicate orchids are one of the best ways to send your wishes to someone when they’ve helped you through difficult times at home or at work. They are also quite long lived being able (with a little care and attention) to last for a good few weeks.


beautiful bouquet of red roses

“But roses are love flowers!” we hear you cry. Yes they are of course they are one of the best ways to share your romantic feelings with a special someone but they can also be really effective as a way to say thank you too. Not only do they make a fantastic surprise on their own and can be ordered in white, pink, yellow and of course red, they make a great combination companion for many of the other flowers on this list. Of course roses communicate bold feelings and would make a great thank you gift for someone who helped you face your fears and overcome major hurdles.

Of course these aren’t your own options for Thank You flowers. Everyone is unique and has different preferences but we’re sure if you choose one of the select variants above you will be able to show the kind of gratitude that will delight your lucky recipient.

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FloraQueen has a whole catalogue of fresh amazing Thank You Flowers for you to choose from. We are able to send your message of gratitude to over 100 countries worldwide. All you need to do is specify where and when you want your surprise to go and we’ll take care of the rest. 

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