How To Prepare The Perfect Halloween Flower Arrangements

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There’s no doubting Halloween is a time for ghosts, ghouls, vampires, werewolves and other monsters. However, is it a time for flowers? You may be surprised to learn that the answer is a definitive yes! There’s no shortage of amazing Halloween flower arrangements out there, which are specially designed to capture the colour and spookiness of the occasion.

Whether you’re creating your own bespoke Halloween bouquet from scratch or are modifying a bouquet you’ve bought, a few little tweaks can turn any standard bouquet of flowers into the perfect decoration for your Halloween party.

Here’s how to add an extra touch of Halloween to a flower arrangement:

Get creative with your containers

Pumpkin vase

When it comes to where and what you place your flowers in, you’ve got lots of options to make even the most cute bouquets a bit more terrifying. Take advantage of classic props like plastic skulls, witches cauldrons or perhaps a stylised Halloween vase. Also don’t forget about the “poster-boy of Halloween” the humble pumpkin, which you can hollow out and use as a vase.

Choose the best Halloween flowers

There are plenty of classic flowers to choose from to make the ideal Halloween flower arrangement such as:

There are also lots of common plants which normally aren’t found in conventional bouquets that can be added. ‘Red Baron’ grass has a bloody red tint to its spears, which could make a great decorative greenery. Alternatively, purple-black ‘Zwartkop’ flowers could add a grim zombie-like touch of decay to the bouquet.

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If you want to take things to the next level however, you can even grow and prepare your own special “spooky flowers” by creating glowing flowers. All you need are some flowers that have had their stems already cut and glow in the dark ink.

Get the colour balance right

Pumpkin flowers spooky

Whilst most traditional Halloween flower bouquets consist of dark reds, dark purple or green flowers, don’t be afraid to try experimenting with brighter colours. A lot of the amazing Halloween designs work beautifully with brighter colours like pink and white.

Add some extra spooky flair

Spooky Halloween bouquet spiders

There’s still more finishing touches to add to a professionally prepared bouquet to add an extra element of ‘spook’. A few plastic spiders or fake cob webbing, a well placed skull hand or perhaps a few extra pumpkin props scattered around can make a regular arrangement of flowers much more gruesome.

Pick the best bouquet to impress with on Halloween

FloraQueen pumpkin bouquet

If you want to try some of our tips with a fully realised, ready made-bouquet, simply try our Pumpkin bouquet of roses, alstroemerias and hypericum. This beautiful round bouquet blends bright autumn colour with a rustic, shabby-chic features to complete any Halloween celebration.

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