What to Send a Guy Instead of Flowers

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Maybe it is his birthday, or Valentine’s Day. Maybe there is some other special occasion that you would like to celebrate with a special guy in your life. We often think of flowers as a go-to gift idea, and while they can definitely be a good option for many occasions, sometimes you might feel like there could be a better gift option for someone. There are so many other gift ideas out there, and which one is right for the guy that you are sending a gift to depends entirely on him and his personality! This article goes over:

How to Figure out Which Idea is Best for Him

Regardless of the occasion, the best thing that you can send to a guy as a present is something that he can appreciate and enjoy, and something that really suits him and his personality. If he is interested in or passionate about something a little unusual, that is a great idea for a gift to buy! Think about your relationship and what you know about him. You probably know about some interests of his, or perhaps his job. These can be a great starting point to think of a gift to get for him, whether it be something that can help him get better at his interests or work, or something that is related to them and can broaden his knowledge or passion.

If you are stuck for ideas, then it can be a good idea regardless of the occasion to ask some other people that know him for some ideas and inspiration. His friends and family can be a great source of insight, and they might have ideas for gifts that you may never have thought of in the first place! You should also think about what kind of person he is in the first place. If he is a more practical person, then he may prefer gifts that are more related to his interests or things that he can apply somehow within his daily life. If he is someone who enjoys the finer things in life, then it can be a nice idea to get him something like a nice bottle of wine or some high-quality clothing, for example.

Gift Ideas for Romantic Occasions

Let’s assume that the guy you are shopping for is your partner. Depending on how long you two have been together for and how big of a gift you would like to get, there are many different options for gifts to send on romantic occasions that are not flowers. A classic gift that many people love on Valentine’s Day is chocolates. It’s hard to go wrong with chocolates- they are popular for a reason! He is unlikely to feel uncomfortable with a gift of chocolates if you two have not been together for a long time, and if you want to spoil him a little then you can buy a fancier box or truffles.

You could also buy something a little more practical for your man, which is also romantic somehow. This could be something like clothing or a nice cologne, or something else that can help him feel special and cared for. Another nice choice in this instance would be a wallet. Wallets are very practical, and everyone needs one, but they can also be very beautiful and fine accessories, which last for decades if they are made well. This makes them a nice choice both as a beautiful item and as a practical gift, which is something that many people can appreciate. If you think he would appreciate it, you can send him something nice for his home, like a nice new set of sheets.

Gift Ideas for Non-romantic Occasions

You may also want to send a gift to a guy for a non-romantic occasion, or maybe the man you want to send a gift to is not your partner at all! There are so many different kinds of gifts you can send someone. It should depend a lot on his personality and interests. Think about what he is into, and some of the interests he has mentioned to you. There is nothing wrong with getting a gift that is unconventional or unusual if you know he is going to like it, for example. One great idea for a gift is a book. There are so many different kinds of books out there, and they cater to an incredible range of interests and ideas. You can find something that builds upon a skill or interest he has, or you can try to spark a new interest in him.

Another great idea for a gift to send to a guy is a gift card, especially if you are not entirely sure what he likes. Gift cards allow someone to choose their own gift, so they are a great option for people who are a little more picky or hard to buy a gift for. You can buy him a gift card to a place that he is likely to want a gift from, and then let him choose exactly what he would like!

Ways to Make your Gift Delivery Memorable

Just because you are sending the gift instead of giving it in person, does not mean it has to be impersonal or lacking somehow. You can make the delivery and packaging of the gift exciting and unique, so that receiving it is a special and memorable experience for him. Think of some creative or unusual ways you could wrap the gift, for example, if it is something that is small enough to be wrapped. If you are sending a card with it, maybe you can make the card from scratch with a personal message inside. That way, he can look back on the memory with fondness, and feel touched by the effort you went to to make it special for him.

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