Our top 5 Mother’s Day gift ideas

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Mother’s Day comes around every year, and every year you nearly forget, but not this year! This time around, get ahead of the game and show how much care, gratitude and affection you have for your mother with the perfect gift. We’ll help you out with some of our suggestions for the best way to spoil your mom this Mother’s Day on 8th May.

Soap and bath gift set for her

Your mom has spent years looking after you, whether you like to admit it or not, so this soap and bath gift set for her is the perfect way to help her relax and take a break after all those years of hard work. This complete set contains six aromatic soaps, one facecloth, one scented cushion, one soap bag, one small scented sack and one soap dish with beads, so that she can bathe and relax in her own world of sweet aromas.

The White Pearl set

If your mum loves to look the part, then this jewelry set is ideal to ensure that she is sparkling and stands out from the crowd. With white freshwater pearls, and earrings made of 10 carat gold, she will dazzle anyone at your Mother’s Day meal if you are all together and she chooses to show off her new jewelry.

“Smoothness and bubbles” Chocolate and Cava gift set

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Has your mom gone the extra mile this year? Or just feel like showing her how much she means to you? Then spoil her with all the gifts she could possibly want. Let her relax in luxurious style thanks to your gift. The bottle of Freixenet Excelencia Brut cava brings sophistication and elegance, and the chocolates from Barcelona based chocolatier Farga will add a sweet touch. The teddy bears top off a great gift and will remind your mum of the times when it was her gifting you the soft toys!

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Bvalgari for Women


Perfume is always an obvious choice as a gift for women, but which one?! This fragance, Bvalgari for Women, is the perfect choice for any mother and has a reputation for being popular with the most elegant of women. With a smell based on violet and orange, with hints of roses, jasmine and sandalwood, you can ensure that your mum smells good as well as looks good as you celebrate Mother’s Day this year.

Clinique Super-hydrating Lotion

Every woman loves to feel good, and now that we’ve covered smelling and looking great, a moisturizing lotion like this great Clinique product, is perfect to put the cherry on the cake. Not only is it suited for all skin types and allergy and perfume free, but it also helps to make your lovely mom’s skin look brighter and more radiant than ever.

Are you still looking for the perfect gift for your mom this Mother’s Day? With FloraQueen’s international gift delivery service, you can check out our wide selection of gifts for women and find exactly what your after, to make sure that it’s clear how much you appreciate her this Mother’s Day. After all, she deserves a big thank you!

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