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Finding a gift to appreciate one’s mother for all the love shown over the years is almost impossible. Mothers are indeed angels. Mother’s Day flowers are one of the fantastic ways we can use to express our love to these wonderful beings. We have a collection of different varieties of the best flowers suitable for celebrating mothers. We all love surprises, especially when they come right on time. Why not take advantage of this celebration of Mother’s Day to appreciate your mom? At FloraQueen, we are here to guide you in making the right choice. Our same-day delivery option makes it possible for your recipients to receive their package on the celebration day.

It is essential to know the reason we give gifts to people and where to get the best quality. We understand this, and that is the simple reason behind our commitment to offering the best products and services. Visit us today to make the right choice of flower gifts from our unique collection of flowers.

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  • Reasons Mother’s Day flower gifts are special
  • How to send Mother’s Day Flower Gifts
  • The best Mother’s Day flower gifts

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Reasons Mother’s Day Flowers are Special

The love of one’s mother cannot be quantified, and the best we can do is to put smiles on their faces on their special days. We have a collection of flowers in different colors, forms, and shapes that are perfect for any mother. You can combine these flowers with other gifts like jewelry to spice them up, although, they are still perfect, even if they are presented alone.

A Mother’s Day flower gift is an amazing sign of appreciation for a mothers’ patience and care while growing up. Mother’s Day is the best time to show her appreciation for the positive influence on your life. Therefore, choose the best flower gifts from our catalog to steer her heart.

How to Send Mother’s Day Flower Gifts

We know the challenges clients experience in international flower delivery. That is why we have made it possible and easy to deliver your bouquet as a surprise to your mom on Mother’s Day. Please go through our catalog and make a choice of flower gifts, and then choose your destination and date of delivery. Distance is not a challenge with us at FloraQueen. We ensure your package gets to your mom, retaining its freshness in a natural state.

The Best Flowers for Mother’s Day

Subtle Freshness: Roses and Lilies – If your mom wakes up to see these amazing flowers, then she knows how much you cherish her. The touch of pink is suitable for her because it uniquely expresses your love. More so, one of the most evident signs of care and affection is gifting your loved one pink roses and lilies. They have an unbroken record of passing the message of love.

Mango: Orange Roses and Gerberas – A beautiful combination of gerberas and orange roses makes your mom feel special. In fact, she feels like the only person in the world. We help you to bring happiness to her heart on a wonderful day like Mother’s Day. They are beautiful and perfect, but you can add other gifts if you wish.

Love Actually: 12 Red and Pink Roses – Pick our 12 red and pink roses as that perfect flower gift if you plan to surprise her. The freshness and the expertise decoration are top-notch in expressing your feelings to your mom. It brings back so many memories and gives an assurance of love. There is no better way to tell her she is loved and appreciated for her efforts.

White Lilies and GerberasOur white lilies and gerberas are perfect in helping you express the love you have for your mom. It is great for those who have a subtle taste. Your mom deserves a gift as sweet as this, so add this to your cart for it is a decision you can never regret.

Peach Flavour: Lilies and Roses – These beautiful flowers are a no brainer to show love. Therefore, they are the best for your mother. The light they bring with them makes them unique and right for Mother’s Day flower gift. Pick them from our catalog to deliver to your mom and watch her dance all day.

Vibrancy: Yellow and Pink Roses

Are you trying to find the best gift for your mom? At FloraQueen, we have these colorful flowers to help you send warm greetings to your mom. There is no better way of saying ‘Mom, I love you’ than by getting her this perfect gift.


Why Should I Pick Mother’s Day Flower Gift from FloraQueen?

We have one of the best collections of flowers in the world. We make it possible for you to have varieties of flowers to choose from. We offer the best products and services, which millions of our customers around the world testify to. Expect to have a pleasant experience with us.

Can I Send Flower Gifts Internationally?

The answer is yes. When checking out, make sure you to check if the country of the destination is on our list of countries we ship to. Our courier service is always there to give you the best international flower delivery service. Efficiency and fast delivery are our watchwords.  

What is the Time Duration for International Delivery?

Your choice of shipping method determines the duration for your flower delivery overseas. Whatever the case might be, we ensure your package is delivered before or on the date you choose. If there is any reason for the delay, you get the information on time.


It is often difficult to decide what to give to moms. But, do not be disturbed by the problem of choice. Our team of international florists at FloraQueen is here to assist you. Our collection of flowers is vast and assures you that your mom gets the best gift. Moms are special, and as such, they need special gifts. Do not hesitate to get them one of our products. Your satisfaction always remains our priority.

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