What is The Orange Rose Meaning?

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Roses may be the most universally recognized flower. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular, with nearly everyone and their mom being aware of what a rose is, even if they know absolutely nothing else about flowers.

With this global reverence comes a certain expectation, and that is related to the meaning of the rose. Most people associate the rose with romance and love, and that is certainly through for the red rose, but did you know that there are different meanings for the different colored roses?

Nowadays, you can get a rose in any color you want thanks to splicing and fancy modern gardening techniques, the result of this is the birth of flowers that need to take on a new symbology. One of these flowers is what we’re talking about today.

Here’s what you can expect to learn about the orange rose:

• The history of the orange rose.
• What oranges roses represent.
• How to grow an orange rose.
• When to gift an orange rose.

The History of Orange Roses

Orange roses share a history that is near identical to that of its interestingly colored siblings.

The red rose has a rich and long history, with meaning and symbolism rooted even so far back as to be present in myths and legends. Orange roses do not share this level of prestige.

Instead, orange roses were created during the early 20th century, when florists and specific rose cultivators began to experiment with cross-breeding and splicing. They cross-bred red and yellow roses, which gave birth to the orange rose.

What Orange Roses Represent

The red rose represents love, affection, romance, and everything in between. So it’s only natural that its offspring would fall in and around that same ballpark.

Many different color roses represent love and affection in some way, usually related to its color, and in the case of the orange rose, that is in desire.

Orange is a passionate and wild color. It’s the color of flames and fire, so it makes sense that it would represent a passionate desire in love.

The flower, in keeping with its fiery theme, also represents energy, fascination, and enthusiasm. So, all in all, it’s a very energetic flower.

How to Grow an Orange Rose

The process of growing an orange rose is the same as that of growing any other rose.

First, you’re going to want to buy some orange roses that are healthy and ready to be transplanted. You’re going to want to transplant instead of growing them from the ground up as it can be quite difficult to get your hands on legit seeds that can sprout orange roses. As we said, it’s a flower that is cross bred.

Roses need at least six hours of full sun daily, so don’t plant them in the shade. Roses like well-drained, neutral soil, but if you don’t have soil that meets that requirement, you can plant them in a raised rose bed.

Roses like regular watering, but don’t like to be overwatered. You should be aiming to keep the soil moist, but not soggy or waterlogged, so water your roses regularly but use moderation and your common sense.

At the start of the growing season, make sure to apply some organic composted manure-based mulch to the base of each rose bush, to help with healthy growth. While it’s not necessary per se, it certainly helps. Just make sure to avoid high nitrogen fertilizers.

Roses are not a very invasive plant, so you can plant different herbs and flowers next to them to deter pests and to attract good insects and pollinators.

When to Gift an Orange Rose

We talked about the meaning of the orange rose earlier. Like other roses, it mainly revolves around love, in this case, wild passion and desire.

Needless to say, this makes them a great gift choice for a lover or partner. Rather than the romanticism of a red rose, an orange rose can speak volumes about the level of desire you feel for the person and can help translate those emotions better.

Orange roses also represent energy. While you may think that meaning isn’t great as a gift, it can be great for yourself. Throwing some orange roses in a vase around the house can really liven up a room and bring some much-needed energy into it. So if you’re struggling to motivate yourself to get up and go in a greyscale room, splash some color into it with some orange roses. The rose also comes with the meaning of enthusiasm, so the benefit to your motivation and energy levels is double!

The rose also represents fascination, which could make for a quirkier meaning when gifted to a lover.

There is one other situation in which an orange rose makes a perfect gift, and it’s the most important one. That is when your partner’s favorite color is orange.

The poetic romanticism of meaning and symbolism is all well and good, and your partner is certainly going to appreciate the sentiment, but there is no better way to say “I love you” in a flower then to get them a rose of their favorite color.

Forgetting all the meaning and differences in color, a rose means love, full stop. So getting them a rose in their favorite color not only shows that you love them but just how much you care and are interested in them.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, all about orange rose.

Orange roses are an interesting flower, and like many of its siblings, it has not been around for too long. That means that the level of meaning and romanticism associated with it is not as deeply rooted as other flowers. However, the color and flower combination speaks volumes by itself, regardless of any extra hidden meanings.

People associate orange with fire. Fire burns, and is wild and uncontrollable, and people associate roses with love. So gift this flower to someone, and they’re going to recognize what it means, regardless of any special history behind the flower.

So if you want to show someone just how madly in love with them you are, consider getting them an orange rose.

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