Roses: Their Secret Language and Celebrity Inspired Names

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Roses are favorites of many gardeners and rightfully so. They have majestic blooms and fragrant scents that fill your garden. They have even inspired a way to communicate. Want to say, “I love you?” There is a rose for that. Want to say, “I’m so proud of you!” there’s a rose for that too. Roses are so captivating, many have been named after celebrities.

As you read this, you can learn the following:

* The Meanings of the Colors of Roses
* Meanings in the Number of Roses Given
* Celebrity Named Roses

The Meanings of the Colors of Roses

Red roses have become synonymous with Valentine’s Day because of its strong association with love. When given to someone special it means “I love you.” It also symbolizes desire, passion, and romance. The red rose is a popular flower for wedding bouquets because it makes a statement that the bride has a true respect for her betrothed and is ready to make a commitment to their marriage.

Pink roses symbolize grace, gentleness, admiration, and elegance. The meanings of the pink rose vary depending on the shade. Like pink stands for joy and happiness. When a person gives a hot pink rose they are showing their appreciation and gratitude to the recipient; it’s a beautiful “thank you.”

Yellow roses symbolize friendship and the joy the friend brings to your life. It is also the color that shows delight, affection, and gladness. It is a great color to give to a person who needs cheering up. In Victorian times, it represented jealousy, but through time that meaning has faded.

White roses symbolize charm, innocence, and new beginnings. This too is a popular rose for weddings and bridal bouquets because of its symbolic meaning of eternal loyalty and young love.

Orange roses, just like their color, symbolize energy, excitement, and exhilaration. To give an orange rose is to show intensity for a relationship and passion for a romance. It can also be given to show pride in someone and their accomplishments. The orange rose is a wonderful flower to use in the home for an added burst of energy.

Lavender roses symbolize love at first sight and the intention to develop a relationship. It also stands for wonder and mystery, which makes it the perfect color to send as a secret admirer or to someone who has captivated your attention.

Salmon colored roses have a similar connotation as the orange. They show enthusiasm and excitement. They can be used to show your desire for another person.

Peach-colored roses are used to show gratitude and appreciation. They also show sincerity and genuineness. The peach rose can be used to show a friend your sympathy.

Cream-colored roses convey thoughtfulness, gracefulness, and perfection. Sending cream-colored roses shows you care about the person without romantic intentions.

Green roses are the color of life and the renewal of the spirit. They are the sign of plentifulness, balance in life, and peace of mind. Send these roses to send cheerfulness.

Black roses have both negative and positive meanings. The negative meaning is associated with death and mourning. On the other hand, black roses can signal major change and the beginning of a new adventure. They can bring hope at the beginning of a new period of life.

Blue roses symbolize mystery and the unattainable, as well as being extraordinary and unique.

Roses with a combination of colors offer a fun way to show different feelings. For example, yellow roses with red tips signify friendship that is developing into love. Pink and white rosebuds are appropriate to give as a thank you for a good friend.

Mixing and matching pure colors with each other is yet another method of communication. Pure red roses put in a bouquet with solid yellow roses is an expression of happiness and cheerfulness. Combing white roses with red roses show unity.

Meaning in the Number of Roses

In addition to color, the number of roses that you give have meaning as well.

* One rose is a simple gesture of gratitude as well as complete devotion.
* Giving two roses is a proposal of marriage; a red and white rose intertwined shows unity.
* Giving six roses to another shows the desire for love
* To give 11 roses shows the receiver they are profoundly loved.
* 13 roses send the message that the recipient has a secret admirer.

Celebrity Names

Many roses have been named after celebrities, some of whom have helped decide on the specific color to be named after them.

The ‘Barbara Streisand’ is a hybrid tea rose with a large lavender bloom and a very fragrant scent. Streisand was given several different seedlings by a hybridizer to grow in her garden from which she chose the final rose variety that would bear her name.

The miniature rose, ‘Whoopi,’ is named after Whoopi Goldberg who not only loves roses but is a gardener herself. The ‘Whoopi’ is a bicolor rose with a combination of red and white buds.

Chris Evert also made a contribution in deciding which rose was named after her. The final choice is a hybrid with full blooms of soft orange petals with tips of red.

The ‘John F. Kennedy’ is a gorgeous, double-bloom rose with a sweet, fruity aroma. It brings peace and purity to your garden.

The comedian, George Burns, gave his stamp of approval for the naming of a floribunda rose in his name. The rose has double flowers and ruffled edges. The petals are brushed with yellow, red, and cream. This rose is often sold as a companion to the ‘Gracie Allen’ which is named after his wife.


Next time you have a special message for someone, say it in flowers. Whether you are too shy to tell someone about your crush, or if you want to make a bold statement. There is a rainbow of colors to say it all.

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