Give an Everlasting Rose – Waxed Roses and Their Meaning

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Are you looking to give roses to that special someone in your life? Why not provide them with a wax rose? Wax roses, or any flower waxed, can be one way of preserving the flower and preventing it from withering away. Sometimes we can find ourselves spending up to $100 dollars on roses, only to have them die in a few days. Now florists and customers can enjoy roses for much longer thanks to the art of waxing.

In this article, we share:

  • Preserving a waxed rose
  • Why give a rose?
  • What the rose symbolizes

Preserving a Waxed Rose

Waxed roses can live for up to four months, which is why they make great gifts and home décor. How do they become waxed roses? There are a few florists who specialize in waxed roses because the process can be quite finicky but also difficult to accomplish.

When you receive or give a wax rose, it is vital to ensure that they are placed in a vase or container that has glycerin. This is considered plant food for the wax rose.

The act of preserving the rose can be done using clear wax; however, if you are looking to jazz up your rose flower, you can use different color waxes.

Why Give a Rose

Roses are considered one of the most romantic flowers to give anyone. They are beautiful and come in an array of colors. They can be used to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or a new relationship. Depending on the color, they can also be used to mourn the loss of a loved one – its versatility is what makes the rose a go-to for anyone looking to send flowers.

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With over 13,000 types of roses, they can be given as a bouquet, grown in the garden, or used as a piece of décor. From weddings to Valentine’s Day, the rose is an ideal floral choice; however, not everyone realizes or knows that the rose comes in different colors such as yellow, white, pink, or orange.

What the Rose Symbolizes

There is a famous saying, a rose is a rose, but the truth is, no rose is alike. There is no one definition or symbolism of just a rose because they come in so many different colors. To best understand what the rose symbolizes, we share the following meanings:


The red rose is the most only associated flower to mean love. It is often the floral go-to when wanting to show them how much you love them or to celebrate a significant milestone. The red rose also signifies desire and admiration.


For anyone looking to give a flower that signifies innocence, youth, and purity, the white rose is a popular choice. White roses are commonly used for weddings and funerals, which to some, can seem peculiar since one represents happiness while the other is sadness.


There is some debate as to what the yellow rose can mean, as it used to be once associated with jealousy; however, now it is commonly associated with friendship, warmth, and happiness. Yellow flowers have also been associated with happiness and good luck. If you are looking for a gift to give someone needing a pick-me-up, yellow roses can be a good gift selection.

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Surprise that special girl in your life with an array of pink roses. Pink roses often mean grace and elegance. A pink rose is also associated with femininity. Are you wondering when you would give a pink rose? A bouquet of pink roses would be a great “thank you” gift to a colleague, friend, or someone who has done you a favor.


Are you looking to bring some life and positive energy? The orange rose is a flower that symbolizes enthusiasm and passion. Orange flowers are a great floral choice for anyone looking to brighten up the space or to put a smile on the recipient’s face. An orange rose bouquet would be suitable for someone who is recovering from an injury, suffering a loss, or going through a rough patch. Cheer them up with orange roses.


A blue rose is a rare gem, and for the most part, a blue rose can be achieved through manual creation. Looking to show someone you care how special and unique they are? Due to its rarity, the blue rose is an excellent choice for anyone you want to show how special and unique they are. This would be a great floral choice for a celebration of achievements and milestones.

Giving the Gift of Roses 

Want to say “I love you,” or maybe you need to say, “I’m sorry?” whatever it is, the rose is a versatile and meaningful flower that can say what we sometimes struggle to do so in words. While their vibrant colors are commonly what make them distinct from other flowers, they also have a distinct scent to them. No matter the occasion, you can give a rose any time of the year, even though they are most in-demand during Valentine’s Day.

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Know someone who needs a pick me up? The rose is a flower that has been known to be just as valuable if not just as prestigious as an orchid. The difference between a rose and any other flower is, the rose can be preserved. How? Through waxing or through being turned into potpourri. A waxed rose can be maintained in a vase for nearly a month, while potpourri can come from rose bouquets that have been given and dried.

The next time you are in the market or looking to surprise someone with flowers, give them a rose. They are timeless floral pieces, and your recipient is going to appreciate the thought. These are only a few of the reasons you might want to buy roses. Remember, you don’t need a reason to give a rose because any day is worth celebrating and showering someone with love. Plus, there is no other flower that can convey such symbolic meaning for any emotion quite like a rose.