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Do It Yourself With Flowers

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FloraQueen is proud to present its first free ebook. In the ebook we’ll show you accessories lovingly made with fresh flowers that you can make yourself to craft decorative objects that will wow your friends and family.

Do It Yourself

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Hair Comb

A flowery hair comb will stylishly adorn your hair for a glamorous cocktail or soirée. It is not uncommon to see this type of hair combs on special occasions such as weddings and bowls. That said, you can of course wear this accessory any time to liven up your hairstyle and give an elegant and sophisticated touch to your look. In the example illustrated in the ebook, we have crafted this stunning object by combining a lily, a white phlox and gypsophila (baby’s breath), all assembled on a brooch with fine wire.

Do It Yourself With Flowers - Bridal BouqetBridal Bouquet

For a perfect wedding, you cannot overlook the slightest detail. The bridal bouquet is the ultimate accessory for the queen of the day. It takes pride of place in the ceremony and must seamlessly complement the bride’s gown and respect the colour code or theme of the day. Its powerful symbolism means that it is sure to attract the attention of all the guests.

We have chosen the following flowers to make this bridal bouquet: the dazzling white avalanche rose, statice and limonium for a hint of pink, white lisianthus, peonies and eucalyptus leaves. Follow ours step-by-step tutorial to make this glorious bouquet that will cause quite a stir.

Summer flower crown

With summer approaching and the onset of the fine weather, a summer flower crown is a massive hit amongst celebrities. Made of fresh or artificial flowers, it is a wow accessory to brighten up your look. Whether for a special occasion or an afternoon on the beach with friends, we will show you how easy it is to make your summer flower crown. We have chosen the following flowers to make this flower crown: a rose, a lily, limonium and a pretty plant with small white flowers, gypsophila (baby’s breath).

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Child’s Garland

Looking for a gift for a young girl making her first holy communion? Why not make her a gorgeous child’s garland that will go perfectly with her white dress? An adorable hair accessory to give an angelic look to the star of the day. This incredibly pretty headband is made of gypsophila (baby’s breath) and chamomile, which you can put together in a few minutes.

Do It Yourself With Flowers - BoutonnièresBoutonnières

Boutonnières, or buttonholes, are reserved for special occasions such as weddings. They are generally worn by the groomsmen or witnesses, not to mention the groom. Bear in mind that the groom’s buttonhole must complement the bride’s bouquet, and is therefore made with one of the flowers featured in the bridal bouquet. In our tutorial, we have used a rose, gypsophila, eucalyptus and chlorophytum.

Download our ebook free of charge to make beautiful accessories for you and your love ones. Are you a DIY enthusiast? Share your secrets with us!