6 Ideas for The Most Awesome DIY Valentine’s Cards

happy couple valentines card and heart balloons

It almost wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without carefully chosen Valentine’s Cards. It’s estimated almost 1 billion cards are exchanged by couples globally each year and there can be no doubt that it’s an essential part of a romantic surprise on the day of lovers. However, whilst many cards are bought in shops there’s a way to go the extra mile and deliver DIY Valentine’s cards that are sure to impress.

Today we’re going to look at some conventional and unconventional ideas for designing and making gorgeous handmade Valentine’s cards that will leave the recipient in awe.

1. Make a Card as Pretty as a Picture with a Polaroid Frame

Valentine's polaroid card


It’s amazing what you can achieve with a simple Polaroid frame template and a few homemade decorations like border punch hearts, glitter or stickers. Of course, you could try something even more traditional and use an old photo (or series of photos) in the frame of you and your partner to make the card more personal and to remember the highlights of your relationship.

2. Send your Sweet Message on a Cookie

Valentine's love letter cookies


For some, the path to the heart is through the stomach and to add a personal and ‘sweet’ touch to your valentine’s message you could write it on your own love letter cookie. Try one of the many fantastic recipes that can be found online and just add some frosting and a few kind words to let food be the language of love. Alternatively as an extra twist, if your special someone is a keen chef, you could additionally add a card featuring the recipe for them to try themselves as a lasting memory of your gift.

3. Make them Feel Like a Winner with Valentine’s Scratch Cards

Valentine's Day Scratchcards


It’s surprisingly easy to make your own customisable scratch cards. All you need is a template, some card and a little acrylic paint and dish soap for the scratch-off elements. The great thing about this surprise is you can make a game of it and let your sweetheart choose the order of their Valentine’s treat. If you want to try it yourself, download a copy of our template below and create your own romantic surprises for them to ‘win’ throughout the day.

4. Send your Sweetheart a Love Note Matchbox

love note matchbox design with


If you want to add a spark of romance to Valentine’s Day with your homemade surprise, you can try making a love note matchbox. All you need is a rectangular matchbox and some creative inspiration. Decorate the box with a romantic design, and then you can fill it with small love notes, sweets or whatever your heart (or more likely theirs) desires.

5. Land the Perfect Message with a Paper Aeroplane Card

Paper aeroplane cards


Love travels far and so, therefore, should your message of love. For a love that is always soaring, a card that flies could be the perfect solution. There are two ways to do this. You can either design a card which can be folded into a paper plane after or use a ready-made paper plane that contains your romantic message or ‘love voucher’ for them to discover after it’s landed, as if from the heavens.

6. Surprise with a Classic Self Designed Card

roses, love heart valentine's card in pink envelope

The great thing about free online tools like Canva is that you can easily create your own unique designs and carefully craft the perfect message for your partner, taking into account their tastes and preferences. Create something unlike anything else that they’ll love and remember forever and add a little extra creativity to your DIY Valentine’s Cards.


Hopefully, these ideas will inspire you to get crafty and surprise your sweetheart with amazing DIY Valentine’s cards. Will you give any of these ideas a go?

Just in case you’re really struggling for ideas this year, we’ve designed a few templates as some extra inspiration for you to download and surprise your love with on February 14th:

Design 1: Scratch Card Surprise

Valentine's Day scratchcard

Design 2: Make Valentine’s Day Great Again

Valentine's card featuring happy couple and heart balloons

Design 3: All you Need is Love

All you need is love card

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