Latest interior design trend: plant fibre decoration

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Are you looking to complete the boho-chic design in your home or get some inspiration for your own interior? Then you’re in the right place! To complete a boho-chic home we believe that plant fibre decoration (wicker, bamboo, sisal etc…) is essential. We will let you know how to integrate plant fibre decoration simply and naturally into your home and ensure that it compliments what is already in the interior of your home to perfect the boho-chic look. In order to achieve this look it is important to mix this plant fibre decoration with plenty of colour from all varieties of furniture and decoration.

plant fibre decoration works everywhere!

acupulco chair
The Acupulco chair fits perfectly don’t you think?


There are people who believe plant fibre decoration is a fashion consigned to the history books that it hasn’t been used for decades. Well they would be very much mistaken! Plant fibres have come roaring back into fashion in recent times as they are perceived to bring real freshness to a home and adapt to all sorts of interiors. Take a look at the Acapulco chair for example, everything about it screams modern wouldn’t you think?

The boho-chic style, which mixes a bohemian environment with a slightly hippie, colourful feel, is so popular at this moment. Within this interior design trend, plant fibre decoration couldn’t fit any better.

colour is essential 

colours boho chic plant fibre decoration
Don’t be afraid of colour!

Without a doubt, colour is the most essential ingredient when it comes to creating a boho-chic style in your home. The more neutral golden, brown and beige colours of the plant fibres provide a great base from which to build. The plant fibres really compliment colourful decoration and allow the colour elsewhere in the house to really stand out.

They combine perfectly with the other more intense colours which are essential for a succesful boho-chic design. Are you someone who often struggles to keep to just one colour when decorating a room? Well then this is the style for you! Combine pinks, greens, blues, oranges and more. Pretty much, boho-chic is a case of the more the merrrier, so go wild! There is no better style to create summery vibes and in winter, it will really stop the cold and dark weather outside from bringing you down!

add plants to top it off

boho chic plant fibre decoration hanging plants
The plants can go anywhere!


Once you have added the plant fibre decoration and mixed it with colour all that is left to do is add a touch of natural green with some pretty plants. Finishing of your decoration with greenery is guaranteed to bring success. If you need any advice on choosing the best place for plants in your home, take a look back at our previous blog. Whether you go for a quaint cactus, a tranquil peace lily or a colourful anthurium, you will be sure to help achieve the boho-chic style that you were looking for.

To make sure that you get the style just right, we advice that you add pieces of plant fibre decoration little by little. Maybe start of with a bamboo chair or a wicker coffee table and then add pieces which you feel will go well together. In this way you will get a boho-chic style, but in a way which is unique and reflects your own personality.

Hopefully you’ve come away with plenty of inspiration, thinking not if you will incorporate plant fibre decoration into your home but when!

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