You Can Have Indoor Flowers If You Are Not Able to Grow Them Outdoors

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Linda Solegato once said “Plants give us oxygen for the lungs and the soul.” While you may find this poetic, it is also very accurate on scientific levels. We are going to give you some documented facts about plants and flowers.

First, plants and flowers help in concentration and memory up to 20%. Thus, this profoundly influences your productivity and cognitive performances.

Secondly, flowers can create happiness. Can you imagine that the simple fact of having flowers around helps people’s stress level and mood? Thus, it makes people feel more relaxed, secure, and express positive energy.

Another interesting fact is that plants and flowers improve relationships and enhance feelings of compassion. It means that people having plants around are more likely to have better and meaningful relationships.

So far, you must be convinced of the interest of having plants and flowers around. The next question you are asking yourself now is “Well if plants and flowers can be this helpful in my daily life, then which one should I choose to grow indoors?”

Have no fear; FloraQueen is going to help you with this by covering the following points:

* Introduce a Touch of Grace with the Phalaenopsis
* Calathea Crocata Is Very Original
* Travel in a Tropical Region with the Anthurium
* Azalea Is Amazing Indoors!
* You Can Also Enjoy a Cyclamen Indoors
* Saintpaulia Can Also Be a Good Choice
* Even a Cactus Can Grow Indoors, like the Schlumbergera

Introduce a Touch of Grace with the Phalaenopsis

Phalaenopsis is a sublime orchid and one of the easiest to grow. Its beautiful flowers grow vertically on an elegant stem. We find it to be one of the most attractive flowers to grow indoors.

For the care process, use a few sprays of water on the foliage, weekly watering of the soil, and fertilize from time to time if you feel like your flower is in need. Reserve a warm and very bright spot for it without direct mid-day sun exposure.

Calathea Crocata Is Very Original

If you are looking for an original touch, the calathea can be your best ally. It is a magnificent flower with unique orange inflorescences and dark green foliage tending to dark purple.

Being a tropical plant, it needs subdued light and a right level of humidity. A good tip for maintaining the best level of moisture is by using clay balls! Water once a week in winter, a little more in summer, and always keep the temperature above 16 degrees C. Do not forget to spray the foliage often.

Travel in a Tropical Region with the Anthurium

If you cannot travel, you can bring a tropical decoration into your home. For that, use an anthurium. This original and beautiful tropical plant with shiny lanceolate foliage has red or orange flowers, and more rarely pink or white flowers.

Like many tropical plants, it appreciates full light without direct exposure, and prefers temperatures between 18 and 25 degrees C. Be careful with the watering: if you do it too often, it is synonymous with failure in its culture! Thus, water the substrate only when it has dried over 4 cm on the surface, and never leave water in the saucer! For the foliage, you can spray it often if the air is dry at home, as this plant likes humidity.

Azalea Is Amazing Indoors!

The azalea is a famous flower that no longer needs any presentation! There are countless cultivars of it forced to flower in winter. You can find it in all shades of pink but also white, red or purple.

Tips and tricks time! If you want your indoor azalea to last, choose a room temperature between 10 and 15 degrees C, which is not easy for a living room! You must also fulfill two conditions to have a successful growing: light exposure without direct sunlight and moderate watering.

You Can Also Enjoy a Cyclamen Indoors

There are many varieties of cyclamen, each more attractive than the other. The flowers on the tops of the vertically upright stems take on classic forms that are delicately colored. To preserve this beautiful plant, you need a room temperature around 15 degrees C and make sure to keep the plant watered.

Saintpaulia Can Also Be a Good Choice

The saintpaulia is a small plant with velvety rosette-like foliage. It is as easy to grow and cut! A little sifted sunshine in the morning or evening, a light substrate, and regular watering are enough to keep it healthy.

You can definitely enjoy its bouquets of small flowers whose colors vary from white to red, pink, mauve and of course, the famous blue variant.

Even a Cactus Can Grow Indoor, like the Schlumbergera

Known as the “Christmas cactus,” the schlumbergera is a tropical cactus that enjoys warmth and regular watering during the flowering period.

Like the other plants, it needs light, without direct sun exposure. There is a wide choice of cultivars with white, pink, red, or orange flowers.

Be careful as soon as the buds form, do not move it any further, as they could fall off, severely compromising the flowering.

All in all, you must see a good reason to have indoor flowers and plants! Even though they are not as majestic and numerous as outdoor ones, having them around is a good idea that may help you in your productivity and level of happiness. It may be another step to a better version of yourself: A more peaceful, happy, fulfilled person.

FloraQueen offers you a large collection of flowers and plants to grow and keep indoors. Have a look and find your new home companion!

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