Make Your Office Beautiful With The Best Desk Plants

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We may not pay much mind to our surroundings at work, however, as we’re going to see today, a small touch of nature can make a huge difference to this place we spend many hours of our day. By choosing the best desk plants, that are easy to take care of and exotic to look at you can quickly and easily make your work space much more positive.

Why a desk plant makes a difference

We spend 40 or more hours per week at our desk. Aside from the occasional family photos, it can be a mess of papers, cups of tea or coffee and post-it notes. You may be reluctant at first to give up much needed space to a plant but it’s important to consider just how valuable that extra desk companion could be to you.

There are numerous studies not only attesting to the benefits of plants in the workplace but showing the benefits of plants in any indoor space. Seeing nature or plants around the office has been shown to improve workplace well-being by up to 47% in one study by Exeter University.

The additional benefit of having a plant nearby is that they also help to filter the air, which in a stuffy office can make a huge difference. Numerous studies, including one done by NASA, have shown over the years that having plants can combat the buildup of harmful gasses like benzene, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. This not only makes your work space healthier but can also boost your mood and improve your concentration.

Our choices for the best desk plants:


dragon tree on table with pots

The dracaena (which also known as the dragon tree) is a popular house plant, which can grow up to about 8 feet in nature. They are considered one of the easiest plants to take care of, only needing moderate sunlight and enough water semi-regularly to keep their roots a little moist.

Peace Lily

white peace lily on table

Peace lilies are a houseplant favourite and it’s easy to see why. They vivacious, green and include ‘flowering’ white petals (called spathes). They’re not called peace lilies for nothing as they are great for improving the air quality of your office and are known for their calming presence. They only need a good watering every week making them very easy to look after too.


Flowering red and orange bromelia

It’s not quite a flower but it’s got bright ‘flowering’ leaves (known as bracts), making bromelias colourful desk companions. These visually appealing plants are highly resistant to droughts and don’t need huge amounts of sunlight making them a very low maintenance desk decoration.


Small cactus on table

The humble cactus is an indoor favourite as it requires next to no care to survive. They can be bought in very small sizes, making them a good choice for a small or always cluttered desk and as they require next to no watering or even a lot of sunlight they can happily sit almost anywhere.

Spider Plants

spider plant on a table

Spider plants are great if you want a plant on your desk with a lively character. With big green expressive leaves and the ability to absorb carbon monoxide they are a favourite indoor plant. They are also very easy to propagate from an older plant, with small ‘baby’ offshoots appearing often from their outer leaves, allowing you to grow them from scratch or to even gift additional growths to your friends and family.


Varied succulents

Succulents are an easy and space efficient way to add some extra greenery to your desk. They are incredibly easy to take care of; only needing occasional watering, rather than frequent drinks, and a good source of light. You can easily fill a pot with different varieties of the many succulent types to enjoy the make your desk more visually appealing.


Bonsai ficus tree

Ficus trees are one of the most popular houseplants out there and it’s easy to see why. They’re easy to care for and can be enjoyed in both small and large sizes, they can also easily be enjoyed by both confident plant growers and first timers alike. If you are feeling up to the challenge, they can be grown as bonsai plants keeping them the ideal size for your desk indefinitely.

English Ivy

Ficus plant in hanging pot

English Ivy might be one of the best plants around to filter the air of your home or office. It’s a bushy plant with striking veins of white or yellow amongst its dark green leaves. It’s also a flowering plant; producing white or yellow flowers and black or purple berries during the summer months.

It’s no exaggeration to say that a desk plant will bring more than just decoration to your work environment. With one or more of these beautiful plants on or around your desk area you can enjoy a much happier and healthier work station.

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