Our Ultimate Guide For the Cosiest Homes This Autumn

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It’s officially autumn. The leaves are changing, the weather is cooler and you and your friends and family probably are probably spending more time at home. As the seasons change getting cosier is the goal and cosier homes are easier to create than you might think. There’s no need for a complete redesign of your home, a few small tweaks here and there are perfect for making your living space that little bit more snug and warm. Add a little extra warmth to your decor with our tips for the having the cosiest homes this autumn.

Use the warmest colours

warm coloured room

You may think warm colours just describes the hue but surprisingly there’s some physical truth to this name. Warm colours actually make things feel warmer! Psychologically we feel warmer or cooler based on the colours of our decor and adapting a room to effect this can make a big difference to the feel of a home. Colours such as yellow, red and orange and sometimes duller colours like brown can make a big impact to the warmth.

Add a little softness

warm blankets and slippers

If you or your loved one’s home is more minimalist in design it can feel a bit cold and empty at this time of year. A few little touches here and there can easily up the cosiness. Touches such as a rug, a throw, blankets and pillows, all contribute to a more tactile and warmer feel to a room or a home. We all love a bit of contact comfort and with a few touches of softness at home thing will feel a lot cosier.

Get cosy with the warmest flowers

bouquet of orange flowers

Flowers may be more associated with spring and summertime but flowers around the home can add a touch of seasonal magic all year round. In autumn, take advantage of the warmer coloured blooms on offer, such as bouquets in red, orange and yellow. These will not only add to your cosy decor, but will also help add beautiful fresh scents to your home. Flowers in the home are also proven to improve a person’s mood. This can go a long way to helping anyone struggling with Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Spice things up with cosy scents

assorted winter fragrances

Flowers on their own are a great way to make a home cosier but why stop at just that. Scents and smells are highly linked to memories and perceptions of seasons. Spicy scents like cinnamon and cardamom or rustic smokey smells can help to reawaken your senses and make you feel warm and cosy inside by memory association alone.

Set the mood with Candles

autumn candles

Lighting during the darker days of autumn is a crucial tool to adding cosiness and warmth. Candles not only add warm light to a room but also generate a small of heat from their flames. There can also be no denying the unique ambience of candlelight. What’s better is making your own candles is a piece of cake.

Create a “snug space”

woman relaxing by fire with hot drink

Autumn is the time for cocooning at home and building a “cocoon” of your own in a room of your house can help add to the snugness. Setting up a “relaxation nook” only requires a corner of a room, a comfy chair or sofa and a few of the comforts listed above such as candles, blankets or anything that makes you feel more snug a warm. This space can be your go to whenever you want to enjoy a little extra cosiness and downtime, perhaps with a nice hot relaxing drink to make things extra warm.

It’s easier to make your home cosier during these wetter and windier days of the year. Just follow these simple tips and you too can enjoy the cosiest homes this autumn.

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