Spring Flowers for a Wedding Bouquet

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Spring Flowers for a Wedding Bouquet

Spring has arrived and we are surrounded by buds on the trees and flowers about to burst with colour, there can be no nicer time to get married or plan your wedding than the springtime. With so many beautiful flowers around this season it can be quite difficult to choose a floral theme. Here’s how to choose flowers for your wedding bouquet.

What Type of Flowers?

Springtime offers the ability to use flowers for a romantic look which if you are going for a soft impression is perfect, if you wish to go for a stronger slant then you can always choose more vibrant coloured flowers that will create a pretty backdrop for the day ahead. Many spring varieties come in a range of shades so you can still use your favourite flowers for your wedding.

Flowers that are associated with spring include daffodils and narcissi. Narcissus or ‘baby daffodils’ don’t just come in yellow; they are also available in buttermilk and white and look stunning as a posy of the same colour. However it all depends on the colour you are wearing otherwise they will blend in and become camouflaged with a white dress on the wedding photos. The most versatile of flowers have to be tulips. Tulips look stunning as a hand tied bouquet and depending on your colour scheme they are available in brighter shades as well as the more muted pastels.

You can of course go down a more traditional route and use delicate pink and peach shades of roses for your flower theme but these can be costly. The best thing about a spring wedding is the seasonal availability of many blooms; they offer a chance to have more budget friendly flowers as your bouquet. Flowers such as Daffodils, Tulips, Freesia and Peonies are all very seasonal and the bright shades and shapes work well together.

Another popular one at this time of year is the Hyacinth. Hyacinths are often overlooked in bouquets – but beware as they can sometimes be too heavy for their stems so make sure your florist has them carefully positioned in the bouquet. The perfume can be quite overpowering so go easy on these in displays as well – especially if your venue is small and intimate. On the plus side, the scent will always remind you of your special day.

What Type of Bouquet For a Spring Wedding?

Small bunches in seasonal pastels have the perfect look for spring. Don’t be tempted to have all the spring flowers in your bouquet – mix your colours carefully; too much colour will drown out the beauty of the individual flowers. If you are going for a brighter shade of bloom then it is worth remembering that less is more. You don’t want to be overpowered or overshadowed by a bright voluminous bouquet on your big day.

A simple hand tied bouquet is perfect for a ‘just picked from the garden look’ so if your wedding theme is simple then a pretty pastel colour theme would work well, It also makes sense to accessories accordingly, for example if your bridesmaids are wearing cobalt dresses then a colour splash of yellow would look vibrant against the dark background and there are plenty of yellow flowers around at the moment. You can of course use monochrome coloured bouquets; all peach or lilac shades look stunning and eloquently simple, this works very well and doesn’t look too over styled.

How To Choose

Don’t forget about the trees, blossom is out in full force this season so incorporating this into your flower scheme is the perfect nod to spring. Using as small sprig in your bouquet can add a contemporary twist to your bouquet and you can also use the stems in your table decorations to keep the springtime theme running through. Lilac and cherry blossom look stunning in floral arrangements and can be used to decorate the wedding venues too.

Have a play with some colours and mix them accordingly seeing which colours blend well together and which types of flowers look good with others in terms of size and shape. Bear in mind the colour of your bridesmaid’s dresses and what will work with the style of your dress too. Think about whether your wedding theme will match your flower choices. This will help you in the long run and will dictate the colours and blooms that you decide to use.

This season you have so much choice with your blooms. Mix them up and have a lively bright bouquet  or go for a more monochrome, simplistic look with your flowers, whatever you decide to do, Spring really is the time of year when you can have it all.

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