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Choosing the best flowers for your wedding can be hard. You need to consider your style and preferred colors to match the décor. Also, you may want to consider when you’re getting married and choose wedding flowers by season. That way, you don’t spend too much on the arrangements and ensure that the flowers are fresher and more vibrant.

In this article, we are going to learn:

• Which flowers are in season all year long
• Ideal flowers for summer weddings
• Suitable flowers for Spring weddings
• What flowers work well for Fall weddings
• Winter wedding flowers

Which Flowers Are in Season All Year Long

Before we talk about which flowers are best for a particular season (such as winter or summer), you should know that some are available year-round. This means you can choose them for your wedding arrangement, regardless of the month.

The Peruvian Lily (Alstroemeria), has bright, small blooms, which grow in clusters. Often, they are used for the background of your primary flowers. They come in many colors, such as yellow, pink, white, orange, red, purple, and lavender. You can also find ‘flecked’ varieties.

Consider using them as a boutonniere or sprinkled throughout the bride’s bouquet.

Carnations are also a highly popular flower for weddings and are available throughout the year. It’s a long-lasting flower with a ruffled head. Add a touch of color and lushness to your bouquet without spending too much. You can find over 300 species, including mini and large blooms. Plus, there are many colors available, such as apricot, yellow, red, white, dark and light pink, and multicolored options.

One last year-round flower to consider is the gardenia. It features a heavy and intoxicating scent. Plus, it has beautiful, delicate petals with dark green, waxy leaves. However, it only comes in ivory color. Also, the petals can be bruised easily and it does cost a bit more than other varieties.

Ideal Flowers for Summer Weddings

When searching for flowers by season, most people want to know what is available for summer weddings. Of course, the rose is the most popular flower for weddings, and it is available year-round. Therefore, you can always use it in your floral arrangement for color and fragrance.

People often think of summer as the months between June and September. Flowers that grow and look their best can include Larkspur (Delphinium), Phlox, and Zinnia.

Larkspur is a classic for English flower beds, and it features clustered, tiny flowers along a long stem. It is an excellent option and can add a country style to your wedding while also adding drama and height. Colors consist of lavender, pink, blue, white, and purple.

Phlox is another popular option, primary because of its meaning. This flower means ‘the unification of souls.’ It’s a dainty option and features petals that look like disks. They’re clustered together from a branch-like stem, adding height and beauty to any arrangement. You can find this flower in red, pink, purple, orange, and white.

Brides who want a casual arrangement might like the Zinnia. It somewhat resembles a daisy and works well in bridesmaids’ bouquets. You can find it in pink, orange, red, green, and yellow.

Suitable Flowers for Spring Weddings

Spring is another popular time to get married, but you want to ensure that you pick flowers that are in season. With Amaryllis, you get an impressive flower, which has up to five large blossoms on top of a very long stalk. It grows between November and April, making it available for spring weddings. You can find it in many colors, such as burgundy, pink, green, red, and white.

Daffodils are a perky, happy flower, which makes them perfect for weddings in the spring. There is so much variety with this flower. It comes in large and small cups, single and multiple cups, and combination colors. Generally, you can choose between orange, yellow, white, and apricot.

Those who want a flower that looks like a rose might like Ranunculus. It also resembles a peony, somewhat. It’s a relative of the fun buttercup and is lush and features multiple petals. You get several blossom on the stem and foliage that looks like ferns. Colors can include dark and light pink, orange, apricot, yellow, and white.

What Flowers Work Well for Fall Weddings

Are you planning to get married in the fall? It can help to know wedding flowers by season, and autumn usually falls between September and December. Therefore, you may find some overlap with the floral types mentioned for other seasons.

Still, there are plenty of options that only grow in the fall. The Dutch Tulip is quite common, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s very versatile and comes in a variety of colors. These can include purple, dark and light pink, red, orange, white, and yellow. Plus, it’s a classic and can be paired with statement flowers and accessories.

Hyacinth is a tall, stalk-like option with tiny flowers along the top of the stem. It’s stocky and has a fragrant smell. Plus, you don’t need many of them to make a statement. You can use them in arrangements and as part of centerpieces. Available colors include pale pink, peach, yellow, white, blue, purple, fuchsia, and lavender.

Winter Wedding Flowers

Many brides want to get married during the winter (from December through March) because it is often easier to plan and less expensive. However, you want beautiful floral arrangements for you and your group to hold and enjoy.

The sweet pea might not seem like a traditional flower, but it grows from November through June. Therefore, it is ideal to use in a winter arrangement. It features rugged blooms and a spindly vine. Colors available can include red, dark and light pink, purple, cream, and apricot.

Parrot Tulips are not as well-known, but they are bold and can make a statement in centerpieces and floral arrangements. They grow from November through May, so you’re sure to find them available from a florist. Color options include yellow, orange, pink, and red.

With so many types of flowers out there, it can help to choose wedding flowers by season. That way, you get something unique and beautiful to hold.

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